Super Bowl Sunday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and we’ll have a celebration at church this morning. After service we have a cake auction and then a chili dinner. This has been something we’ve done for a number of years and it’s a lot of fun.

The cake auction is the most fun. People in the congregation bring home made cakes to church and we pay ridicules prices for these cakes. This is the time when people donate to the youth group and children’s church. Some of these cakes will go for several hundred dollars.

The chili dinner is a great time to fellowship with others and eat great food. We have all the fixins including cheese, onions, Frito’s, and salad to number a few. There are so many different types of chili that people bring and it’s all great.

Chris decided he wanted to make the cake we’d take this year. So we let him have full run of the cake and he had fun. The cake turned out wonderfully and I’ve included a picture of it below.

Well I hope you all enjoy the game later today. Great job on the cake today Chris. I just love it!

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