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The History of a Wedding

Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. It’s a very fun and exciting time with the plans you’ll make for the ceremony, picking out the rings, and ordering the cake are just a few of the tasks you’ll go through when you plan the special day you’ve dreamed of for a long time.

Do you know the history behind a wedding? The history of a wedding is interesting and fun to learn about. Read on to learn about gift giving, wedding types, and more.

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Congratulations Eric and Ashley Parmely

Yesterday my cousin Eric got married to his wonderful fiancé Ashley. Now I need to give you a little background information before you have an understanding of why the wedding was the way it was.

Eric and Ashley are very goofy and they love to laugh and smile. If you look through their pictures you’ll see pictures of them either smiling or making goofy faces. It’s also important to know that Ashley loves horses, her dogs, and her cats. Eric loves motorcycles and has been riding and competing since he was a little boy.

The bridesmaids had lime green dresses on and the groomsmen were black pants, black shirts, blue vests, and black Converse shoes with lime green shoe laces. Eric had black pants, a black shirt, a lime green vest, and black Converse shoes with blue shoe laces.

Ok so the wedding started out in an unusual way, but like I said before if you know them, there is nothing unusual about it. The wedding started a little late, but tell me what wedding doesn’t? So the pastor walks up to the front, then looked around, and put his hand in the air. The next thing you know you hear a loud motorcycle and then the pastor walked over to a tree near the house and then turned around and walked back.

My thoughts were, oh no this isn’t good. You see we were in the country so to speak so I thought for sure that’s what we were going to listen to for a while. I should have known better. Just seconds after that terrible thought came through my head the motorcycle sound gets louder and is next to us. It was Eric arriving at the wedding. He did a wheelie part way up and came around the tree and parked it on the stand by the tree. What an awesome entrance for a motorcycle lover. Yay Eric!

Ok so then all the bridesmaids and groomsmen come down the isle. Each of the groomsmen either hugging or shaking hands with Eric. Now next you would expect a ring bearer and a flower girl and that’s what you received so to speak. Those two positions were held by Ashley’s dogs. They looked lovely. The ring bearer dog had a little imitation suite around his neck and the flower dog had a veil on her head. It was just wonderful and again soooo Ashley. ?

Of course, Ashley was next to come and she looked just as beautiful as could be. Her shoes were not what you would expect to see on a bride. She was wearing black Converse shoes with glitter on them. How appropriate for a girl that doesn’t care to wear heels.

Once the beautiful ceremony was over and Ashley and Eric walked down the isle as a married couple and each bridesmaid and groomsmen skipped down the isle. Now traditionally the bride and groom would go for a car ride, but that’s not what happened. Eric and Ashley were loaded into a buggy and two of the groomsmen walked them down the street for a little ride. When they got back they changed drivers and had one of her miniature horses pull them the rest of the way in. We were all standing along the driveway and blew bubbles when they came down.

This wedding was an unusual one, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know it will be one that Eric and Ashley will never forget. Sometimes we forget that a wedding needs and should be what you want and not what others want. It’s important to put your own touches into it and make it one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you make your wedding what someone else wants, you won’t have fun and will likely forget what happened. Don’t let that happen.

Eric and Ashley… you guys are perfect for each other. I’m so happy for both of you.

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