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Introducing our New Camper

Yesterday we bought a camp trailer and we’re so excited about it. We’ve wanted one for a number of years, but our finances were not at a point where we could afford the payments. We’re in a different situation now and things are much better and we can afford the payments.

I’m so excited about it. This trailer is awesome and it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for. It has central air and heat. It has bunk beds in it so the boys can have their own bed to sleep in. Another awesome thing about it is the bunk beds allow us to not use the table or sofa for the beds. This means we can use the table no matter who is sleeping. There is a curtain and a shade that separates the bedrooms so anyone that is sleeping will not be distracted by someone sitting at the table or sofa. It’s just perfect.

Here are some pictures of it so you can see how awesome this trailer is and how much fun we’re going to have going to the lake or mountain.

This is the master bedroom. There are night stands on each side, storage above, and storage under the bed. There is also a sliding door that goes right in front of the bed for added privacy.

This is the sofa. It’s on the slide out so it gives added room between that and the table on the other side.

This is the table opposite of the sofa. There is storage above it along with a radio and area for a TV. The table folds out into a bed but unless we have more people stay with us, we don’t plan to use this as a bed.

This is the kitchen area. We have a stove, oven, microwave, and double sink. The storage is really good in this area. There are cupboards to the left that are not visible but they’re perfect for utensils, seasons, and other items.

This is the refrigerator, freezer, and bunk beds. The refrigerator and freezer run off of both electric and propane so that’s awesome.

This is the bathroom. It’s kind of hard to take pictures of this, but there is a toilet, sink, medicine cabinet, bath, and shower. It’s awesome!

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