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Tell me Thursday: November 10

Yesterday I posted a picture of our boys in the water standing on their hands. For Easter this year we took the boys to Las Vegas. It was a great time and the weather was just perfect. The pools were open and so on the last day we were there we took the boys swimming. This is a video of them standing on their hands in the water. This is something Josh couldn’t do at first, but after a few minutes of help from his big brother Chris, he was able to make it happen. Great job boys!!

Here is the short video of them standing on their hands.

Tell me Thursday – 4/8/10

My Wordless Wednesday post goes along with my Wednesday video. Chris is taking swimming lessons and is doing very well. This picture is of Chris acting like a dolphin. He had a lot of fun in the water today.


Wordless Wednesday – 4/7/10


Swimming classes

Chris has been in swimming lessons since March 15th and he is having a good time. He’s learning a lot and he’s getting rid of his bad habits. Last week his instructor taught him to dive and he loved it. He’s decided that he might want to be on the dive team next year instead of the swim team. Sounds like he might be able to do both, so we’ll see.

Here is a video of Chris diving today. He did a great job and I can’t wait to see him do it again on Wednesday. Great job Chris!

Basketball and swimming

Our boys are once again keeping us busy. This seems to happen on a regular basis during the school year. In the summer they don’t do sports so it’s a nice time to relax.

Josh is in the middle of basketball right now. His team is currently undefeated and they are doing great! They have learned so much and their coach continues to teach them new things. They are coming together nicely as a team and have grown into a wonderful team.

The coach is always showing kids new things and encouraging them when they do something wrong or it doesn’t work. Here is a picture of just that. The coach is showing Josh how to do something that he did wrong in the game. Josh learned how to do it and was successful the next time he did it. Way to go Josh!


Chris is in swimming now and having a really good time. He wants to be on the swim team in the follow when he goes to high school. His instructor is showing him how to do things properly and he feels very good about it.

Here is a picture of Chris jumping into the pool.


We enjoy watching our boys in the sports they do. We love to encourage them and help them grow and improve.

Way to go boys!! Keep up the hard work. We’re proud of you.
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