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Helping your High School Student with Finals

High school finals are very important for a couple of reasons. They are usually worth between 20% and 50% of the final grade and depending on the grade; it’s possible to fail a class if you don’t do good. The other reason why finals are important is because colleges look at your grades and if you do poorly you could lose scholarships.

Some high schools start with 10th grade, but some start with 9th so either grade could be the first time for finals. Sometimes if the 9th grade is still in the junior high level they’ll do finals so the kids will be prepared for high school.

Preparing for high school finals can be difficult the first couple of times, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll know exactly what to do each time. Some teachers give out study guides that give you examples of everything that will be included in the test. There are teachers that take one or two days and go over everything that will be included and you have the ability to take notes so you can study that information. Another type of test you may have is an open book test. This used to mean you could use your book, but now it means you can use a book, notes, and your computer.

Children in this age range sometimes have a hard time understanding the reasons behind a final and they certainly don’t see the importance of doing good until it’s too late. You need to remind your children it’s important to study hard all semester just to be safe. If they happen to do poorly on the test and they don’t have a good grade to end the quarter it’s possible they’ll fail the class.

Cramming for the final is not good. Some say it’s easier to remember the information when you put it into your mind as fast as possible, but that’s very unlikely to happen. It’s better to study for several days or even a week or more. Most times a final exam covers all of the information studied during the semester so you can start from there and then study the correct information when the teacher provides the information.

When your children have a better understanding of final exams, why they’re important, and how to study for them they’ll likely have better grades and they’ll have an easier time studying for them each semester.

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