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Another Couponing Adventure to Walmart

My husband said today that I was addicted to couponing. I asked him why he said that and it was because of my trip Monday night. I guess maybe he is right. LOL O’well the more money we save the more things we can do and that’s what counts.

We went grocery shopping Sunday afternoon and we saved $135 this time. Needless to say I was completely shocked when I added it up. Last time we went we saved $61 so I set a goal of saving $75 this time. Well, I have surpassed that. Our budget every two weeks is $250 and that’s what we’ve hit for the past two times we’ve gone. That feels great. Makes everything just a little bit easier. :)

So here is what I got at Walmart Monday evening.

3 boxes of bandaids – free
4 packages of floss – $1
2 rolls of tape – $1
3 packages of Zyrtec – $0.81
2 packages of Tums – free
2 tubes of Dial Lotion – free

My total bill including tax came to $2.95 this time. My total savings was $34.71 this trip. That’s an awesome feeling.

Here is a picture of what we got.

I’m not sure what others would consider extreme couponing, but others have told me I’m pretty close to it, if not already there. The thing I see is important to know here is that I only buy things my family will use. That’s one thing I didn’t do the first time I tried couponing a few years ago. I would buy things that were on sale or that I had a coupon for and then it would go to waste and that meant my money did too. I have a different look at it this time and I only buy things I need or want. That’s it. Period!

Looking forward to the next trip to see if I can save even more. Maybe one of these days I’ll get everything for free. We’ll see. LOL

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