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Six Kids

Written by Sherri Hicks

The sweet family down the street just had their sixth, yes sixth, child. I am utterly and completely amazed. I feel like I’m drowning sometimes with the three kids I have. Double that? Impossible. The mom stays home with them, and even home schools the older ones. I literally do not know how she does it. The laundry alone is unimaginable to me. That is a total of 7 people’s worth of laundry! I just recently saw that they bought a new vehicle to accommodate the growing family. Guess what it is? One of those vans like you see the guys driving around! Of course, they don’t have writing on the side of theirs, but it is totally the same. What’s more is, she is a nice mom! I always see her outside with the kids, laughing and enjoying them. It looks like a little preschool/school class when they are all outside together. She truly is an inspiration to me, and I think of her when I feel overwhelmed with my small(er) amount of kids.

Menu Monday: August 29

This is the first full week of school, plus Friday is the beginning of the Labor Day weekend so it will be a busy week. We’re taking our camp trailer to the mountain Wednesday night so we make sure we have a camp spot for the weekend so that will be nice. We’re excited about going since it’s been three weeks. I think we’re having withdrawals. LOL

Here is our menu for the week. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be spent on the mountain so the meals earlier in the week are fast so we have time to prepare.

Monday – Nacho’s
Tuesday – Roast
Wednesday – French Toast
Thursday – Grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches
Friday – Hot dogs
Saturday – Chicken
Sunday – Hamburgers

What’s on your menu for the week? With fall coming, I’m hoping to be able make more soups and casseroles. Do you have a good recipe for one? I have frozen celery that I’m trying to use up, so let me know if you have a recipe for cooked celery. Hope you have a great week.

2 Tips for Dealing with School Conversations

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could run and hide? Well I was in that type of situation today. My youngest son is in middle and is doing very well. His grades have improved since he left elementary school and he’s able to do elective classes and he’s having a great time.

The elementary school years were very hard on him because he routinely gave up recess time, came in before school, and stayed after school for help he needed so he could become a better student. Since the change happened he’s much happier, he loves the fact that he gets to take the classes he wants, and he’s eager to learn.

The hard part came today when I was talking to a parent and she was telling me how disappointed she is in the school. She told me she’d pull her son if it were possible, but it’s too late in the school year to get him in to the school she’d choose. She registered her daughter for middle school a few days ago and has decided to put her in the school she wanted to put her son in originally.

How do you discuss this type of thing with someone who is so unhappy when you’re not? There are several ways I can come up with, but I’m not sure if they’re right or not. I think the final decision will come during the conversation.

One way is to be sympathetic for the person and listen to what they have to say. Offer advice if you have anything that might help them get through it. Lending an ear is another way to help this person through it without telling the person how happy you are with the school. As a last resort, if you don’t have anything nice to say, try to change the subject to something else.

The other way to do this conversation is to voice your opinion in the situation. While this may not be the best way to go if the person you’re talking to is a friend or co-worker it is an option if you choose to go this route. You need to remember your child may be smarter than the other child or their child may have a learning disability that may or may not be the problem. Voicing your opinion could do more harm than good depending on the situation.

Certain situations can be difficult to discuss and may frustrate you or the person you’re talking to, but it happens. The best thing you can do is handle each situation as they come and try to make the best decision you can. When you do, you’ll be the better person the majority of the time.

Corrie Petersen is a successful ghostwriter and the owner of She is married and has two wonderful boys. She enjoys working her business, but more importantly she loves spending time with her family. Go to her mommy blog at to see what her family is up to.

2 Parenting Tips for Helping Your Children Get to School on Time

Getting your kids ready for school in the morning can be a huge challenge. There are a number of things you can do to help them get ready quicker, but there are two that could be a huge help if you put them into action right away.

1.    Clothes

At times choosing what to wear can take forever, especially if you have girls. They can go through three or four outfits before making a final decision. If you have an issue with this each morning, you need to consider having your children set their clothes out the night before. This will save you valuable time each day.

2.    Backpacks

Putting the backpacks together can take some time if everything is scattered between the kitchen and the bedroom. You’d be amazed at the time it takes to put everything in the backpack, so it’s a good idea to have these ready to go before your child goes to bed. This will also help you prevent trips back home or to the school because things were forgotten.

So if you’ve ever had a problem getting your kids to school on time, consider these two simple, yet important tips and you’ll have a better chance of arriving on time every day.

School is Back in Session

School starts back up tomorrow and needless to say, I’m happy about that. I think the boys have spent way too much time together as they are beginning to argue more and more each day. LOL

Since they’ll be in school for most of the waking hours they won’t be together and that will be a huge help for their attitudes. They’ll go back to a regular routine again and that will be wonderful. It’s time for it to happen. They have been out for nearly three weeks and it’s long enough.

Josh will have two new classes starting tomorrow and I’m looking forward to hearing all about those classes and how his day went. Chris on the other hand will have three new classes and he’s really nervous. He’ll have PE, Social Studies, and Marketing along with Math this semester. I’m looking forward to hearing about these classes as well.

So I pray my boys have a good day at school tomorrow and that all goes well and in their favor. God is on their side and he’ll help them get through the day with a positive attitude and with success. Here’s to a great day boyletts!

A Blog Challenge is in Progress

The first weekend of 2011 is almost in the history books and I must say it’s been a good one. We spent time with family, went to church, and I set my goals for the year. This is going to be a great year and I’m excited about everything it has in store for me.

School will be starting on January 10th and I’m very excited about it. It’s been two weeks since the boys were out for Christmas break and it’s time for them to get back to a routine again. Chris’ schedule will completely change as he has a block schedule where he only has four classes a day. Josh will also change, but not as much as Chris. Josh will only change two classes. He’ll be in Art and Cooking now.

I’m doing a blog challenge this month and I’m very excited about that. Last month I made a post every single day and it was just wonderful. I created a calendar that told me what to post about and that was a big help. There were days where I didn’t use the topic I had on the calendar, but that’s ok. It was pretty much there just in case I needed it. Now I feel comfortable participating in a blog challenge due to that calendar.

I’m really excited about this year and what it stands for. I just know it’s going to be a great year, full of accomplishments and wonderful things. I hope you’re just as excited as I am about it.

Where did the time go?

Gosh, it’s been a months since I posted here. Where did the time go? Course it doesn’t help that I spent the majority of July either preparing for our vacation to Hawaii or in Hawaii. It was wonderful.

Now I’m preparing the boys for school. Chris is in 9th grade at KWHS and Josh is in 6th grade at CJH. The first day of school is today. I was excited but sad at the same time. I have so many feelings rushing through me right now. I won’t have anymore holiday parties to go to, no more birthday parties, no nothing. I won’t even be able to take them to their classroom. :(

Times change, kids change, and we must move on. This is all good and I need to remember that. No matter how hard it is for me to accept that my boys are getting older, I must let it happen. I think this is like the hardest part of being a parent. LOL

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