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Tell me Thursday: December 8

Yesterday I posted a picture of our cat Piper sleeping. We were doing some cleaning in the laundry room and one of the things that was moved was the little chair she’s sleeping on. She’s so funny in that she’ll sleep anywhere she can find a soft place. LOL

Here’s the picture again, just in case you missed it.

Tell me Thursday – June 30

Yesterday I posted a picture of our cat, Piper in the window seal. She loves the window seal and actually things it belongs to her. If you put something up there within seconds of her noticing it whatever you put there will be on the floor. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small thing and not in her way or if it’s big and takes up a lot of space, if it’s there you better expect it to be on the floor.

While I never thought a cat would control the house, I now know I do and it’s funny at times, but also frustrating. O’well, it is what it is and that’s ok. I still love her anyway. LOL

Just in case you missed the picture, here it is again.

Tell me Thursday – December 2

Yesterday I posted a picture of my bedroom window. If you look closely at that picture you’ll see my cat between the window and the blind. She’s teasing the dog that’s outside. It was quite funny when the dog came up to the window and scared her so bad that she lost her balance and almost fell out of the window. ROFL

If you missed the picture, here it is again.

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