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Menu Monday: December 12

Several of the meals on this list are my favorites, so I’m happy about this week. LOL Do you have weeks like that where you plan your favorite meals? I do this every once in a while, but the good thing about it is my family likes the same foods as me so they don’t mind.

Monday – Beef Rollups
Tuesday – Country Omelets
Wednesday – Burger and Fry Pot Pie
Thursday – Cheesy ham and hashbrown casserole
Friday – Grocery Shopping, eat out
Saturday – Turkey Pinnia
Sunday – Waffles

We’re always looking for new meals to have, but we’re picky, so meals must contain chicken, hamburger, or vegetables. What are your favorite meals?

Menu Monday: October 17

Well we’re almost done with football. This is our last week and to tell you the truth, I’m really sad about it. I love watching Chris play. He’s improved so much this year and that’s been awesome to watch. Soon basketball will be starting for Josh, so we’ll have a short about of time before it all starts up again.

Here is our list for the week. We have a new recipe this time and several oldies, but goodies.

Monday – Turkey Pinani
Tuesday – Chef Salad
Wednesday – Dorito Casserole
Thursday – Loaded baked potatoes
Friday – Take out
Saturday – Ham and Mashed Potatoes
Sunday – Chicken and noodles

The weather here is turning cold and I’m sure before too much longer we’ll have snow on the ground. I’m not looking forward to that, but it is what it is and we just have to deal with it. Do your meals have anything to do with the weather or do you make what you want regardless of the temperature outside?

Menu Monday: October 10

We’re in the middle of football season so our meals must be quick on certain days. The games may be early so dinner is fine or they may be late so a quick meal is in order. Regardless, enjoyable meals are a must. LOLĀ  Here is our list for the week.

Monday – Potato Soup
Tuesday – French Dips
Wednesday – Goulash
Thursday – Monte Cristo’s
Friday – Spaghetti
Saturday – Chicken and Rice
Sunday – Hamburgers

Hope you have some good things on the list for this week. Please share in the comments below if you have something good that we may like to try.

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