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An Awesome Track Meet for Josh!

Josh had his first track meet of the season last Saturday and needless to say he did an outstanding job. Kevin and I were so happy to see his improvement and it was so exciting to watch him run.

We were so excited when we found the website that shared the results of the meet, so we wanted to share them with you as well. Can you say proud parents????

The first event of the day was the 100 meter dash. This is a quick and short race with no time to think about what you’re doing. This is a great race for Josh because he’s quick off the line. He placed 12th overall out of 50 racers, so that’s awesome.

The next event for Josh was the 4×400 relay race. Now this is a relay where there are four people on the team. Each runner has 400 meters to run before they hand the baton off to the next person. It tasks a lot of practice to make this work because you have to hand off correctly, you have to receive correctly, and you’re limited on the distance you can travel before the hand off occurs. Josh’s team took 2nd place overall out of six teams.

The third event Josh did was the 200 meter dash. This is another one of those races where you don’t have time to think. It’s a dash from beginning to end, so it’s another good one for Josh. He placed 9th overall out of 42 racers.

The final race of the day was the 4×100 relay race. This one is a lot like the 4×400 relay race except each runner does 100 meters. So it’s a very fast race and certainly doesn’t take long to complete. In this relay race Josh’s team took 4th out of eight teams.

Needless to say Josh had an outstanding track meet last Saturday. Each time he gets better and he’s hoping to go to the Best of the Best in May. That meet is by invitation only and it’s an honor for those that are invited. It’s a great goal to set and one that Kevin and I pray Josh can achieve.

Track Season 2012

Josh starts track on Monday and I’m looking forward to it. He did it last year for the first time as a middle schooler and was getting his feet wet. He did a number of different field events, but his best event had to do with running.

Josh is tall and skinny and he’s built to run. Years ago when both the boys were in elementary school they would race to do the door and the majority of the time Josh would beat his brother. Now if you asked Chris he would say he let Josh win and sometimes I think that may have been true, but I also think because of Josh’s long legs he would have won anyway.

Josh does better with the longer races because he has a chance to get his thoughts together before it’s time to get started. He can do the shorter races like the 50 meter dash and the 100 meter dash, but the 400 meter dash and the 800 meter run are better. Last year he had a number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places to his name and the majority of those were from the longer races.

I’m looking forward to watching Josh run in the races and to see how much he’s learned and improved since last season. I know he’ll do better this year and I’m confident he’ll bring home more 1st place ribbons.

Go Josh!!

Tell me Thursday – February 16

On Tuesday Josh played the basketball game of his life. His team was playing in the final tournament game of the season and the end result would determine who took 3rd place and who took 4th place.

The score went back and forth for the majority of the game, but the last four minutes of the game is where it got interesting. You see Josh got the ball and shot it and got a three pointer for it. Less than a minute later Josh ended up with the ball again and did a layup with the end result being 2 points. About a minute later Josh stole the ball from a player and went down court. He tried for the three pointer again and then was fouled. Because he was going for a three point shot, he was given three free throws. He ended up with one point, which made his final score for the game six points. The last two minutes of the game showed Josh’s team was the strong of the two and with four more points scored they won the game and took third place in the county.

Josh’s team had an outstanding season and I’m so glad we were able to watch the games. Josh excelled each day and it’s so great to see him improve. His coach was fantastic and he taught these kids so much.

Here’s the picture again, just in case you missed it.

You had a great season Josh and I’m so proud of you. I love you so much!!

Christmas Decorating with the Boys!!

Christmas is a great time of year for everyone, but it’s the best for children. I love putting the tree up, decorating it and putting decorations up throughout the house. It makes the house look beautiful and cheery. Now that I have kids there is something different about the decorations. Our boys are 15 and 13, so they’re old enough to do the decorating themselves and that is awesome to watch. I love to see what they think because in my eyes it’s perfect no matter what they do.

This year we put our tree up on Friday afternoon because Chris had to work. The family room and living room look awesome. They did a great job!

Saturday morning Kevin, Chris, and Josh went to my mother-in-laws house to help her put up her village. They did an awesome job as you can see in the picture below.

Saturday afternoon Josh went to my mom’s house to help her, my niece Shai, and my nephew Caalab decorate the tree and house. Chris had to work so he was not able to go. They did a great job there too as you can see from the pictures.

I love this time of year and when I see my boys doing what they think is perfect, it’s even better. My boys make this time of year awesome and I’m so glad God gave them to me. Love you Kevin, Chris, and Josh!!

Happy Birthday Josh!!

Today is Josh’s 13th birthday and it’s a very special day. He’s been looking forward to this day for a long time, but I’ll tell you if it weren’t for the doctors and nurses at the Wyoming Medical Center and Presbyterian St Luke’s hospital in Denver along with God, Josh wouldn’t be with us today.

Josh was born five weeks early and his lungs were not fully developed. Praise God for putting the idea of giving me the steroid injection to mature his lungs in the mind of my doctor, because the doctors in Denver told us that was the only thing that saved Josh. The other thing that helped Josh was his size. At 35 weeks, Josh was 5 pounds 6 1/2 ounces. Most children at that age are around 2 or 3 pounds. My doctor said if he would have gone full term he would have been over 10 pounds.

Right after Josh was born he was taken away to an incubator where they worked on him. I’ll tell you it was one of the scariest things we’ve gone through, but it was by the grace of God that we made it through. Minutes after he was born he was taken to have a chest X-ray done so they could put a tube in him to help him breathe. He would have another one while he was in Casper just to make sure it was in properly. He was put in the nursery and stayed there until the doctors and nurses from Denver could get here. Josh was in Casper for 7 hours and then he was flown to Denver.

We decided Kevin would go with him, but I would have to stay behind because I had a fever and they needed to find the source of it so they could help me to get better as well. The ambulance came with the doctors and nurses from Denver and they loaded Josh up and headed to the airport. After getting a mile or two away from the hospital it was discovered that Kevin was not with them, so they made a mad dash back to the hospital for him. Once they arrived at the airport Josh, Kevin, the doctors, and the nurses were loaded into a jet and they were on their way to Denver.

Once in Denver they would take a helicopter from the airport to the hospital but there wasn’t enough room for Kevin so they called ahead for a cab to take Kevin to the hospital. The cab driver got lost and Kevin had to walk a good while down the road before the two would meet. By the time Kevin made it to the hospital Josh was settled into his incubator in the NICU. We were able to get Kevin a room in the attached retirement community that the hospital had. He would make numerous daily trips to the NICU to be with Josh.

Meanwhile I was back in Casper stressing and feeling horrible. I was not able to hold Josh and that broke my heart. My doctor put me on antibiotics and my fever went away. After spending four days in the hospital I was finally able to go home, but I couldn’t bring myself to go by myself so Chris and I stayed at my mom and dad’s house until I was able to make the trip to Denver. After an additional two days I couldn’t handle it anymore so I made a call to my doctor. I told her one way or the other I was going to Denver and I’d hoped she would give me the ability to go. She gave me some medicine and sent me on my way. My mom and dad drove me and Chris to Denver so we could be with Kevin and Josh. After five days I was finally able to hold my little boy. He was so little and had all sorts of wires and cords attached to him.

While we were at the hospital Josh had lost a little over a pound. We were told he couldn’t leave until he was back up to birth weight so we were going to have to wait for him to get back up to the 5 pound 6 1/2 ounce mark as well. They did tell us he could go home on oxygen, but he might have to go back to the hospital in Casper if the level of oxygen he was at was at a certain amount. We prayed that would not be the case, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it was the case.

Day after day we would visit Josh multiple times a day. We hated the thought of him being alone even though he had his own nurse to take care of him. There was a time or two where I’d wake up in the middle of the night and Kevin would be gone, but I always knew where he was. I woke up a few times, but couldn’t find my way so I wasn’t able to go. There were also a few times where both of us would be awake so we’d go together. The one thing that helped us was the place we stayed at was connected to the hospital so we had the ability to walk the halls to get to him.

After a week of being in the hospital and continually being with him, the nurses told us we needed to get out and do something. So we decided to go to Casa Bonita for dinner. We had to be back by a certain time so we could get in the hospital where we parked at, so we were limited on the time we had for dinner. We enjoyed our dinner, but truly missed Josh so we decided to go back. We could see the hospital but with all the one way streets we got lost. We finally made it back to the hospital with one minute to spare. What a relief!

During Josh’s stay in the NICU he had an IV in his head and needless to say that was horrible. He still has a scar from that IV and the hair won’t grow in that spot. He also had a feeding tube and the tube to help him breathe. Each time they tried to remove the tube he would stop breathing so the tube would have to be reconnected. He spent 7 days on a breathing tube before he was able to be taken off and put on oxygen.  At that point he was moved to the regular nursery. It was an exciting day to say the least.

On the 8th day we were scheduled to go home. We were so excited. In the final hours they were monitoring things and Josh had what they call a brady. This is where the heart skips a beat. We all have those but when they are caught on a monitor the hospital won’t let you go home. You must go 24 hours without one before you can leave. So the going home status was changed and we were stuck there again. Approximately 18 hours later, he had another brady so again we weren’t going home. While we understood why he couldn’t go home, it was frustrating and we were sad. Finally after 10 days of being there we were finally able to go home.

We put him in the only car seat we had and he looked so little. We had to put blankets and towels around him so he would fit. Thirteen years ago that was ok to do, but that’s probably not something they would allow to happen now. LOL  The trip home was scary, but God was there to protect us all along the way. Since we were both worried about him, I road all the way home in the back seat. Josh did a wonderful job and slept almost all the way home.

Thirteen years later, Josh is a wonderful child and you’d never know he was born five weeks early and spent time on a breathing tube. He’s energetic, loves to play basketball, soccer, and run in track. He loves playing games and is very good with a computer. He’s a happy and very funny kid and that’s wonderful to see.

Today I want to say happy birthday to a wonderful young man. I’m proud of you Josh and I love you so much. Have a great day buddy!

It’s all about Josh

We’re doing some camping this weekend to have some down time so I decided to write some blog posts. I asked my family what I should write about and my youngest one said, “write one about me”. LOL So here I go.

What do I say about Josh? Josh is my youngest and he’s just three short months away from officially being a teenager. Lately I’ve really been asking myself where the time has gone? I just can’t believe my baby is almost a teenager.

Josh was born 5 weeks early and he started out his life on a breathing machine. We spent two weeks in Denver at Presbyterian St Luke’s hospital. Those people over there were just awesome. They took good care of Josh and us too. Once he overcame the problem of immature lungs, he was off and running. He spent the first 6 weeks of his life in preemie clothes, but that was the end of that. He would be taller than his older brother at all checks. One I remember specifically is the three year check up. Chris was 3 ft tall at that visit while Josh came in at 3 ft 1 1/2 in. If the doctors are correct, Josh will be 6 ft 3 in.

Back to present time, Josh is a happy and tall 7th grader. He enjoys playing basketball and doing track. He struggles with school, but things changed when he went into junior high in 6th grade. I don’t know if it had to do with the IEP we did with all of his teachers or if it’s a maturity thing. Nonetheless, he’s improving and that’s what counts the most.

Josh is an awesome kid and I’m so happy to call him mine. He’s pleasant and caring and those are wonderful traits. I love you Josh!

Tournament Week, Final Day

Day three of the tournament was the end of the road for all of the teams involved. Josh’s team was playing for 1st or 2nd place when they played today. They played a very good game. They had a lot of good shots, good plays, and they had a lot of fun. In the end they came out in 2nd place.

It was fun to watch and it was wonderful to see Josh play. He’s improved so much this year and he’s had such a good time. He loves to play basketball and it showed with the scores he’s made, the rebounds, and the assists. All of which helped lead his team to the top where they placed 2nd in the city. It was an awesome season and one I’m so glad I got to see.

Now we’re off and running with track and he’s just as excited to participate in this sport. He in the beginning stages of track so he doesn’t know what he will do, but he’ll decide soon. His first meet in next Saturday and I can’t wait to watch him do is events. So here we go again. :)

Tournament Week, Day Two

Today was day two of the tournament and it was a wonderful end to the day. Josh’s team won and they are headed to the championship game. They play tomorrow afternoon at 3:45 pm. This game will determine 1st and 2nd place.

Josh has had a wonderful season and we’re so proud of him. He’s made scores, he’s assisted in scores and steals, and he’s rebounded. He’s learned so much since the season started and it’s been amazing to watch. He’s grown up and he’s picked up on plays that are brand new to him.

Tomorrow is the day they’ve worked so hard for, tomorrow is the day they’ve been waiting for since February. Tomorrow is the end of the season and it will be sad, but at the same time it will be happy because they’ll know they’ve worked their hardest to get to where they are and it’s all paying off.

So tonight I want to say congratulations to the Centennial #1 “B” team. You guys have worked hard and it shows. We’re looking forward to the championship game and we can’t wait for the game.

Josh’s track meet

I was a little concerned when we started the day on Wednesday. It rained most of the day and I was sure the track meet that was to be held on Thursday wouldn’t happen. Well God had other plans. The track meet went just as planned.

Josh did a fantastic job! We were so proud of him.

The morning was spent on the track watching the kids run. Josh did the 50, the 100, the 400, and the 200 meter relay. He took first in the 50 meter dash, first in the 100 meter dash, second in the 400 meter dash, and second in the 200 meter relay.

Here is a video of Josh running the 50 meter dash. He’s the one on the far side in the red shirt.

We enjoyed lunch on the grass and Josh played with some of his friends.

Then we did field events in the afternoon. Josh did the soccer kick, the football throw, the javelin throw, jump rope, sack race, a 5 minute run around a circle, the hurdles, partner jump rope, hula-hoop, and tug-o-war.

Here is a video of the hurdles.

Here are some pictures of the field events.









Great job Josh. We’re so proud of you!

Josh’s basketball tournament

Josh’s basketball team had an awesome season. They won all of their regular season games. The first tournament game was against a team we’d never played before. It was a traveling team and it was hard and tough. We were tide and had to go into overtime. We won 20-19 and that meant we had to turn around and play again. The kids were really tired, but they played hard again. We lost the game, but it wasn’t because the kids didn’t try.

Way to go Josh and the rest of the Wizards team members. Coach John did an excellent job and we’re happy with the skills the kids picked up along the way. He taught them so much and Josh learned a lot.

Picture courtesy of Jordan Shoes.

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