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IEP Struggles

Parenting is not an easy job at times. Of course, there are days when it’s hard to believe you’re a parent, but those days are slim compared to those when it’s hard to be a parent.

Our youngest has been on an IEP since he was two years old. This school year is his first in the middle school setting and we’re very pleased with his progress. He’s brought himself up to grade level with his reading, he passed a math lab class and was taken out of it, and he’s made the honor roll all three quarters. He’s also on the well on his way to making the honor roll again.

Now this school year we chose to do the IEP early and we invited all of his teachers to attend. This gave us the ability to have them help set goals for Josh and it gave us a chance to explain how Josh is and how he does in school.

Recently I received a call from the school regarding Josh’s IEP for this year. They want to hold the meeting in May rather than August. This means we won’t have the ability to have his new teachers involved in the meeting. This is not good in my opinion, but I don’t have a choice in the matter. The IEP must be completed by August 23 which is the day before school starts.

I shared my concerns with the school and they have assured me we can hold the meeting in May as they want and then we can hold another one in August or September so the new teachers can be involved. If any changes need to be made we can submit an amendment to the original IEP. I’m struggling with this, but doing my best to hope it works. I just hope it does work. I don’t know if that meeting is what has helped Josh, but I’m not going to run the risk of that being the case.

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