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Wyoming Cav’s game

We went to the Cav’s game last night. Chris worked the game and we watched it from the stands. It was a fun time for us. The Cav’s won 48-46 in overtime.


Chris was the equipment assistant to the Cav’s team last night. He helped set up the locker room and then clean up after it was over. In exchange he got into the game for free and had the best seats. He stood next to the Cav’s team and cheered them on. He was just a little ways down from the table that was knocked over during a play.

It was a very exciting game and one that made you sit on the edge of your seat. With seconds left on the clock the Cav’s scored and took the game into overtime. We won the game after we scored and got the 2 extra points.

Josh and Kevin convinced me to do a game with Josh. So we went on the field shortly after the 3rd quarter started. We had to ride a trike around 4 cones. I started and then Josh went after I was finished. Needless to say I didn’t do very good with it. I was worried about falling over on the corners so I went slow. I guess the announcer kept calling me ma’am and kept telling me I had to hurry. LOL! I had a player and the coach that were in my way so I had to go around them and the cones.

Josh did really well after he got past the first turn. He got off track and almost ran into the wall. It was a lot of fun and we’re glad we did it. For the time we spent on the field, they gave us McDonald’s shirts and two gift cards for free meals. Worth the time and embarrassment.

Here’s a picture for you to enjoy.


Way to go Cav’s players. We look forward to the game on Friday. Good luck!

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