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Our JV Boy!

Saturday was an awesome day. Not only was it Kevin’s birthday, but it was also the very first time Chris played JV football. Even though KW lost 14-26, it was the best game Chris has ever played. The majority of the game he play on the offense and was on the kick return team. Both positions are somewhat new to Chris but that didn’t stop him from doing as the coach said and following through like he was supposed to.

Chris made a number of awesome plays, he blocked just like he should, and he protected his quarterback as planned. While he played on the kick return team he blocked the other players so they couldn’t get to his ball carrier. It was picture perfect!

With minutes left in the game they put Chris in on the defense which is the position he loves to play. If the other team wouldn’t have sat on the ball that last play Chris would have sacked their quarterback because he was inches away from getting to him.

One of Chris’ favorite plays is one the coach says is just for him. He rolls to the left or right to throw the other team off and to get a player that may otherwise not be blocked. He is really good at this play and so he is the only one that does it. Below are pictures of some awesome plays Chris had during the JV game.

Chris, dad and I are so proud of you. You’ve worked hard over the years and it’s starting to pay off. Keep up the hard work because it will continue to work in your favor. Don’t forget the Bible verse Philippians 4:13. “I can have all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

We’re proud of you and we love you!!!!

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