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King of the Hill

During our camping trip last weekend we were driving around on the mountain looking at the properties up there and the different camping spots when we discovered something unusual. We stopped on the side of the road to check cell phone messages when we heard our oldest son Chris say, “look over there”. So we looked over at the huge hill of dirt and on the top of that hill was something we wouldn’t have thought we’d ever see.

We saw a deer standing at the top of that dirt hill. He was looking around at what he could see. The next thing we know he starts digging in the dirt and then lays down. Once he laid down you could hardly see him because he blended in so well. The way the hole was you could only the horns on his head.

Later in the day we drove by again and he was still there. He stood up again, dug a little in the hole and laid down again. What a way of life. LOL

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