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Clumpy Hot Chocolate – Yuck!

Last week the weather here was not desirable at all. There were several days where the temperature during the day was not above -5* F and even more where the night temperatures were far below -20* F. Now that’s cold. So needless to say I was drinking a lot of hot chocolate so I could stay warm.

I made a post on Twitter about how I hated it when I made hot chocolate and it was clumpy. I asked my followers if they had any tips that I could try to get rid of those nasty clumps. I had several responses to that post and one that worked. I was so happy when I made my hot chocolate and it was clump free.

So the trick is to use a fork and pour the water into your cup slowly. Who would have ever thought a fork would do the trick, but it most certainly did and I have enjoyed clump free hot chocolate since. This wonderful tip came from my friend and fellow business owner LaTara Ham-Ying.

So thank you so much LaTara for helping me to have clump free hot chocolate.

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