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Merry Christmas

Christmas Decorating with the Boys!!

Christmas is a great time of year for everyone, but it’s the best for children. I love putting the tree up, decorating it and putting decorations up throughout the house. It makes the house look beautiful and cheery. Now that I have kids there is something different about the decorations. Our boys are 15 and 13, so they’re old enough to do the decorating themselves and that is awesome to watch. I love to see what they think because in my eyes it’s perfect no matter what they do.

This year we put our tree up on Friday afternoon because Chris had to work. The family room and living room look awesome. They did a great job!

Saturday morning Kevin, Chris, and Josh went to my mother-in-laws house to help her put up her village. They did an awesome job as you can see in the picture below.

Saturday afternoon Josh went to my mom’s house to help her, my niece Shai, and my nephew Caalab decorate the tree and house. Chris had to work so he was not able to go. They did a great job there too as you can see from the pictures.

I love this time of year and when I see my boys doing what they think is perfect, it’s even better. My boys make this time of year awesome and I’m so glad God gave them to me. Love you Kevin, Chris, and Josh!!

Tell me Thursday – January 6

Yesterday I posted a picture of a Christmas tree ornament that belongs to my Grandma. It’s a perfect fit for my entire family. We have faith in God every day for a number of reasons. We have faith that God will lead us in the right direction each and every day. We also have faith that God will help us reach success in everything we do. We also have faith that the angel will be around us every minute to protect us and make us safe. When you are a household of faith you have everything in God’s eyes and that’s an awesome feeling.

Just in case you missed the picture, here it is again.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas lights and more

Tis the season for Christmas lights and family pictures. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I love looking at the Christmas lights and we have always taken Christmas pictures of the kids.

Christmas lights are so fun to look at because people can do so many neat things with them. Some people set their lights to music while others may create words with their lights. I love the look of a tree with snow on it as well as lights that look like ice melting. Here are some pictures Kevin took of the lights on the trees in the park across the street from the hospital.

Christmas pictures of the kids started when Chris and Shai were just 10 months old. Some of the pictures were taken easily while others were a struggle to get. But that happens no matter what time of year it is and the reason for the pictures. Here are some pictures of the kids this year.

Holiday Gift Giving the Frugal Way

In my family, we have 50+ members and that makes it very difficult when it comes to Christmas shopping. Since I can remember we’ve drawn names so we only purchase one present per person. We have dollar limits set in place so we all spend the same amount of money. It’s the only way we can make it work.

When you’re trying to keep your frugal ways Christmas can put a damper on that at times. So using the gift exchange idea will slim down your purchases which in return helps you save money. Set a limit of $25 for the adults and $15 for the kids and that will help you save even more money.

You need to remember that Christmas is not about the number of gifts or the price spent it’s the thought that counts the most. You should consider purchasing gifts online through eBay since they usually have better deals than what you may find in the stores and that will help you get more for your money.

The best thing you can do is go into the store with your list in hand and have your mind set to one item and don’t go over. Just remember you need to stick by the amount of money you set in place so others don’t feel bad if you spend more than they did.

Frugal living is possible during the Christmas season when you set your mind to it and find ways that make it work. It may take a little bit of time, but you can do it.

Spending Time with the Family

Next weekend is our family Christmas party. Each year in December my entire family gets together to eat a meal and socialize together. There are approximately 200 of us that get together and it’s so much fun.

Each year the party is planned by one of the family members. This year is our turn and we’re making family phone books. This book will include all the family members, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and anniversaries. What a great way to keep in touch with each other.

Well the reason for this post is because I’m helping my mom make these books. Today I spent the better part of three hours with my mom, my niece, and my nephew putting these books together. It was nice to spend this time with them because it’s not something that happens a lot.

I love being with my family and helping others. It’s very nice and makes me feel good. While helping others is something most people think about doing during the Christmas holiday season only, I enjoy doing it throughout the year.

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