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Menu Monday: November 14

This week we’re having a new recipe and my boys and hubby are very much looking forward to it. A few weeks ago we went to KFC and they had potato and chicken bowls. They enjoyed them so much that we decided to try our hand at making them ourselves. I hope they turn out better than the ones you get at KFC. :)

Here is our menu list for this week.

Monday – Baked Spaghetti
Tuesday – Potato & Chicken bowl
Wednesday – Meatloaf
Thursday – Baked Chicken
Friday – Take out
Saturday – Pizza
Sunday – Fried Chicken

I think next week we’ll try home made chicken noodle soup. I have a coupon for the noodles and we have some chicken broth left from the potato soup from last week, so we might as well use it up. So what’s on your menu list for the week?

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