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Change is not a bad thing!

Change can be hard at times, but if you think about it we go through changes every day. If you work a job or own a business things may change day to day or month to month depending on the season or type you have. You also may see changes around your home such as a new vehicle, a paint color, or a new appliance. While we may think change is difficult, we must remember it’s the way it needs to be. If things were always the same it would be boring and we wouldn’t like life.

I have found that change can be very refreshing and it’s something to look forward to and enjoy. One of the biggest changes I’ve made recently comes with my hair. I went from being brown to copper. I cut about 5 inches off the back and 1 inch off the front to get an extreme A line. I love my new style, but it’s hard to adjust to it because I’m not familiar with styling it that way. It takes time, but I’ll get it and once that happens I’ll love my hair style even more. Here are some before and after pictures.

When change happens in your life, don’t be scared. Let it happen and learn from the changes. You’ll find over time you’ll adapt to the changes and it won’t be that bad.

“No” is Hard to Say to your Children

Saying no to adults is hard to do, but saying that little tiny word to your child is even harder to do. Depending on what they want or need, it may be easy to say or it may be the most difficult thing. No matter what the reason is, it’s still hard to say it.

One thing you need to remember is the word no doesn’t hurt. Sometimes it’s a good thing. It will teach them a lesson if the reason you said no is because they waited until the last minute to ask to do something or if they did something wrong and then ask to do it after the fact.

If you have to say no to something because the finances aren’t there, that can be difficult. But you need to remember it won’t hurt them for you to say no. It will show them that money doesn’t grow on trees and it takes hard work to earn it. It will also show them that they need to work for money so they can have things they need or want. Depending on the age of your child they may or may not be able to get a job, but if they can this would be the perfect time to show them the value of a dollar.

Since no is never easy, you should consider explaining why you answered the question that way. Sometimes when children understand the reasoning behind your answer they won’t feel so bad about the situation. They may also be able to change things so they still get what they want through another avenue. For instance, if they want something and you can’t afford it, they might be willing to mow a yard or help clean out a garage to make the money needed to get what they want. Not only will this help them get what they want but it will teach them the value of a dollar and it will teach them responsibility.

Even though the word no is just a small two letter word, it’s very strong and powerful. It can teach you a lesson or it can hurt your feelings. When it comes to saying no to your children, remember it’s not all bad. It may even make them a better person because you said no. Make sure you explain why you had to say no and make sure they understand so it won’t happen again.

Corrie Petersen is a mom of two athletic boys and she runs a successful Virtual Assistant and Ghostwriting business. If you need help running your business so you can spend more time with your children, click here to visit her site to see what she has to offer.

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