What else could go wrong?

I was very excited for dinner this evening. We were trying a new recipe. It had hamburger, onions, green peppers, pepperoni slices, spaghetti sauce, and noodles. Smelled wonderful and was sure to be a tasty meal.

I read through the recipe and started putting it together. When I was ready to put the noodles and the hamburger mixture together I read through it again because I was certain the noodles needed to be cooked. It didn’t tell me to. I hesitated but went ahead and put it together the way it read and put it into the oven. When Kevin got home, I had him read through the recipe and he said no the noodles were not to be cooked.

When the meal was done I pulled it out and immediately knew it was ruined. The top was burned. I thought well ok we can remove the first layer and eat the bottom part. We won’t have any leftovers, but it will be ok. Well, that didn’t happen either. The noodles that were on the bottom were still hard and crunchy. Basically the only noodles that were good were the ones that were in the middle.

It was not enough for us to eat, so we ended up buying a pizza. Ugh! What a waste of food. Not good for our budget or our meal planning. I’m frustrated about this, but I can’t let it ruin my night. Hubby isn’t upset so that’s good. He tells me I should be upset either. Things happen and are not worth stressing over.


So I’m done. Time to move on. We’ll try this recipe again, but the next time we’ll cook the noodles first. HeHeHeHe!

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