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I’ve decided I need to create a calendar for my mommy blog. I have done such a great job with the WAHM-Articles blog that I think I’m going to give it a try for the month of December. I’m planning on participating in a 30 day blog challenge in January, so why not prepare ahead of time and start now?

I’m not sure what the topics will be, but I’m sure it’s bound to increase my traffic and that’s what I want to see. When I started blogging during the 30 day blog challenge four months ago I tripled my traffic and increased my business. I’d love to see that happen with my mommy blog too. :)

I’ve thought about taking a day to talk about the sports my boys are involved in at the time, I thought about another day where I talk about a new recipe we tried and maybe another day where I share a frugal tip. I really like theme days, but I also like the idea of having two themes for each day so I don’t get bored with one.

When I get my calendar created, I’ll share it with you so you can see what my thoughts are and how I plan on making posts on this blog. If you have a thought for a theme or post, please share it in the comments. I’d love your help.

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  • Kai says:

    I downloaded a great calendar from Blog Energiser – there’s lots of holidays and other stuff in there that’s given me some great ideas :)
    so far we’re talking about holiday traditions – along with photos etc at half term – once a week *something* about cooking and we’ve got some ideas to talk about the kids and hobbies we’ve all got and *stuff*.


  • Corrie says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Kai. I’ll check that out. I was having trouble coming up with ideas so I’m sure that will help.

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