Menu Monday: Lots of Bacon to Use

Today is Monday and it’s time to think about the meals for the week. With summer approaching many of you will plan to take time off for vacations and family trips. We’re planning a trip to Las Vegas next month so we’re saving money where we can. This will give us a little extra money to spend while we’re there. So here are the meals we’ll have this week.

Monday – Homemade Pizza
Tuesday – Bacon BBQ Cheeseburgers with homemade fries
Wednesday – Breakfast
Thursday – Meatloaf and mashed potatoes
Friday –Grilled turkey, bacon, and cheese sandwiches
Saturday – BBQ Chicken
Sunday – Ham with potatoes

We had extra bacon left from last time so we have several meals planned so we can use that up. This is a good way to save money and not throw things away. Do you look through your cupboards for things you can use in meals?

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