Menu Monday: April 4

Well it’s another Monday. Today I’m going to share our meal plan for the week. Kevin and I have been doing a lot of thinking about money the last few days and we’ve come up with a plan that we’re going to implement next week. I’m really hoping it will work and save us money.

You see, we don’t like microwaved hamburger so there are a number of meals that we enjoy having but we throw away a lot of the meal due to the amount of ingredients it takes to make it. A prime example of this would be the meal we’re going to have on tomorrow. So what we’re going to do is try to cut the recipe in half and we’re hoping it will be enough to feed us and yet not have any left overs remaining. I’ll let you know next week how it goes.

Monday – Breakfast
Tuesday – Chris’ meal
Wednesday – Monte Cristo’s
Thursday – Chicken w/ cheese and bacon bits
Friday – Take out
Saturday – Tator tot casserole
Sunday – Pizza

Do you eat left overs or do you throw them away because of something like us where we don’t like it warmed up? Leave a note in the comments and let us know.

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