Tournament Week, Day Two

Today was day two of the tournament and it was a wonderful end to the day. Josh’s team won and they are headed to the championship game. They play tomorrow afternoon at 3:45 pm. This game will determine 1st and 2nd place.

Josh has had a wonderful season and we’re so proud of him. He’s made scores, he’s assisted in scores and steals, and he’s rebounded. He’s learned so much since the season started and it’s been amazing to watch. He’s grown up and he’s picked up on plays that are brand new to him.

Tomorrow is the day they’ve worked so hard for, tomorrow is the day they’ve been waiting for since February. Tomorrow is the end of the season and it will be sad, but at the same time it will be happy because they’ll know they’ve worked their hardest to get to where they are and it’s all paying off.

So tonight I want to say congratulations to the Centennial #1 “B” team. You guys have worked hard and it shows. We’re looking forward to the championship game and we can’t wait for the game.

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