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My oldest son is obsessed with R.L. Stine. For those of you that have been living under a rock, he is the writer of the Goosebumps series. My son has easily read just about every Goosebumps book that has been released. Well a friend of his informs my son that there is a Goosebumps T.V. show. I knew this already. I watched them when I was younger, but never shared this information with my son because we didn’t have the channel that Goosebumps is aired on. My son quickly jets to the T.V. with his new found knowledge and searches for his show. Only to find that, like I said, we don’t have it. He was heartbroken to say the least. He was so ready to see his favorite books played out. Well no worries, I went to and got a package that included the channel we needed. My son was ecstatic. We now have a scary family night where Goosebumps is the main attraction. We turn the lights down low, grab the popcorn, and cuddle on the couch.

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