Gone Fishin’

My boys have gone fishing several times since they were little, but never have caught anything, but that all changed over the Father’s Day weekend. You see Kevin took Thursday off and took the boys to the lake really early in the morning. They fished from 5:30 am until about 11 am with no avail. They decided to go out again on Friday morning and started around 5 am with still no fish to be had.

We had decided if they could find a good spot we’d stay the weekend and that’s exactly what we did. They found the perfect spot so we were there for the weekend. They fished on and off on Friday afternoon, then again on Saturday morning and part of the afternoon again. Still there were no fish for them to catch. At this point they were pretty sure there was on three fish in the lake. LOL

Saturday evening rolled around and things were about to change and it was definitely for the better. We were told the best time to fish was in the late night hours, so we decided to give it a try. Shortly before midnight this is what happened.

Shortly after midnight, this is what happened.

So as you can see it all paid off and the boys were able to get their fish. Here are the details.

Chris named his fish Richard. He weighed in at 16 oz and he was 1 foot, 6 inches.

Josh named his fish Billy Bob. He weighed in at 14 ½ oz and he was 1 foot, 2 inches.

The boys were so happy that they were able to catch the fish. They followed the entire process to the end and were happy to do it.

I’ll tell you what, Kevin and I are so proud of our boys. They wanted to catch a fish so bad and it was awesome to watch it happen.

Here are some more pictures of our Father’s Day weekend camping adventure.

This is a picture of Kevin and the boys fishing on Friday evening.

This is Chris fishing on Friday morning.

This is Josh fishing on Friday morning.

This is a view from our tent on Saturday afternoon.

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  • Sophia says:

    That is so awesome Corrie! I’m glad the tip turned out true. Who would have thought fishing late at night would be the best time? I sure didn’t. Do you know what kind of fish it was?

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