Spinning Class Explained

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, tone your body, or maintain your weight, exercising is important. There are so many options when it comes to exercising, but the question is… what will work for me?

I work out at the gym 4-5 days a week and I take class so I make sure I’m getting a good work out when I go. I have basically four classes I do each week and I love them all. I couldn’t say which one is my favorite because each one challenges me in a different way.

The first one I do in the week is spinning. Now I’ll tell you when I first thought about a spinning class I didn’t think it had to do with a stationary bike. I thought it was some sort of dance move. ROFL Needless to say, that was far from the truth.

A spinning class is all about riding a stationary bike. This class will work all areas of your body, but definitely your legs and glutes. Our trainer in this class rides her bicycle all the time which makes it great for us. She notes the areas she travels and then we travel those with her during the class. She notes the flat areas and the hills and we do those with the resistance.

You have more resistance for the hills and less for the flat areas. We ride standing up and sitting down and we also work the upper body by doing pushups on the bike while pedaling. It takes the boring part out of riding and it makes it interesting. You definitely have a hard workout completed when you’re done with her 45 minute class.

If you haven’t done a spinning class, but have thought about it, you should really consider it. You’ll be exhausted after the first, but the feeling will be great and over time you’ll begin to see the difference in your muscles and the way you look in the mirror. I know I do and I’m liking what I see.

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