Six Kids

Written by Sherri Hicks

The sweet family down the street just had their sixth, yes sixth, child. I am utterly and completely amazed. I feel like I’m drowning sometimes with the three kids I have. Double that? Impossible. The mom stays home with them, and even home schools the older ones. I literally do not know how she does it. The laundry alone is unimaginable to me. That is a total of 7 people’s worth of laundry! I just recently saw that they bought a new vehicle to accommodate the growing family. Guess what it is? One of those vans like you see the guys driving around! Of course, they don’t have writing on the side of theirs, but it is totally the same. What’s more is, she is a nice mom! I always see her outside with the kids, laughing and enjoying them. It looks like a little preschool/school class when they are all outside together. She truly is an inspiration to me, and I think of her when I feel overwhelmed with my small(er) amount of kids.

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