How Disappointing would this be for You?

Could you imagine how you would feel if you had to tell your family you couldn’t afford to make the payments on your home and the bank was going to take it away? This would be not only disappointing, but it would also be an embarrassment. Your family relies on you to support them and be there for them, but when ends just don’t meet and you have more bills than you do pay check at the end of the month, you need to figure something out.

What’s even worse is when you’re a veteran and you’re fighting for your country and you just don’t have enough money to support your family while you are overseas. This can cause problems for your marriage and your family in general and that’s not what you need.

This would be the worst thing i could think of that could happen to a soldier and his family. I couldn’t imagine what they’d go through and how they would handle this problem. This would just be devastating if it were to happen to me, so I tried to think of the way I would handle it if it were me.

My solution would be to go to the bank and ask to refinance my home. There are times when you explain your situation to the loan officer that they’ll have compassion for you and will want to help you fix the problem. Believe me, the bank doesn’t want your home. They don’t want to have to do what they’d have to do to find a new owner. They’d prefer to help you fix the problem.

If you’re a current or retired veteran you have options to consider. There are loans out there specifically for you. SO if you need to lower your interest rate and your payment, you need to get with your bank and ask for more information about a streamline loan. When you’re able to get this loan you’ll save your home and your family from disappointment, stress, and frustration.

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