Happy Birthday Kevey!

Today is a special day in our family. Today is Kevin’s birthday. We went camping for the weekend to celebrate his special day and weekend. Kevin is an awesome husband and an even better dad. He loves to play games with the boys, watch them play their sports, and do things with us as a family. He takes pride in what he gives to us and he takes care of us no matter what happens.

Kevin loves to work on cars, surf the internet, and spend time with us and that’s a wonderful thing. He has a wonderful knowledge of cars, electric, and he is a great cook. He’s not afraid to try something new and enjoys the thrill of the unknown. He’s a man of God and that makes me feel at ease. He knows how to encourage our boys so they will be men of God too..

Today I say Happy Birthday to the man I love. I love you Kevey!

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My name is Corrie and I'm from Wyoming. I've been married to Kevin since 1993 and we have two wonderful boys.

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