My Opinion on Extreme Couponing

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about extreme couponing and I honestly think it’s what you make of it. I don’t think you’re an extreme couponer if you use five or six coupons, but maybe that’s because I average 15-20 each time. But for the person that rarely uses them or even looks for them, maybe that is extreme couponing to them.

On the topic of stockpiling, that means different things to different people. I would never in my dreams buy hundreds of things that would take forever to use and I certainly, in no way buy things I wouldn’t use. To me that’s a waste of time and money. I can see purchasing products you know you’ll use and that are on sale and cheap with a coupon.

As part of the extreme couponing show they suggest you use a 3-ring binder with baseball card sheets for your coupons. I thought that was simply stupid and crazy until I went to the store with 20+ coupons and on three or four occasions I almost dumped them on the floor. I now have a binder and I won’t shop without it. I don’t have to worry about losing them on the floor and I like the fact that they’re all there because you never know when a store will have a sale on an item you have a coupon for and use regularly.

So what are your thoughts on extreme couponing? Do you watch the show and what do you think of all the savings those people experience each time? I like the savings we have had so far and I look forward to more savings as I learn more and develop a knack for the technique.

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  • Wanza Leftwich, The Gospel Writer says:

    Watching that show really opened my eyes to the value of couponing!

  • Nice post Corrie. What do you think about purchasing a stack of coupons? And, do you have any recommendations on where to get coupons by the bulk? I live rurally with no newspaper delivery, therefore no access to coupons.

    Interested in your thoughts! :)

  • Corrie says:

    Wanza, that show really does open your eyes. I didn’t start doing it heavily until I watched a couple of them one night. It’s truly amazing.

  • Corrie says:

    Kelli, I’ve purchased coupons on both eBay and a coupon cutting site and it’s hard to say which one is better. I purchased 100 coupons for $3.95 on eBay and was only able to use a half dozen or so from the stack.

    I have used The Coupon Clippers several times and they make more sense to me. The reason is because you pick and choose the ones you want and you can order as many as you want. The link is and their prices are reasonable. If you’re wanting to start couponing, this is the site I’d start at first.

    Something you should also consider is price matching. If you do your shopping in the city where there are multiple stores they might do price matching. Last week when I went I had $90 in price matching and $45 in couples. So it’s worth it to take the time to look for those matches and to look for coupons for those items so the price is even lower.

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