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Tips for Helping your Children Understand Money

How many times have you told your child, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? I know I used to tell my boys that on a regular basis. Sometimes it felt like I was telling them this several times a day. Small children and sometimes the older ones as well, don’t understand this, but it’s something you need to show them or they’ll have money problems for years to come.

We give our boys an allowance every week, but it doesn’t come free. They must do chores around the house or they won’t get it. Those chores include taking out the trash, rolling the garbage can to the street once a week, taking care of the dog, cleaning their rooms, and helping pick up other rooms in the house. It’s not a lot, but we do expect them to help or they won’t be paid.

It’s no different then a regular job or a business. If you sit around and do nothing all day, you’re not going to receive a paycheck for it and if you do it won’t take long before it’s noticed and it comes to an end. Well you need to treat the chores and allowance the same way.

If they don’t do what’s been assigned to them for the day or week, the allowance will either be docked for a certain amount or it won’t be given at all. This may be hard to do, so you’ll need to come up with a way to make it work. Pay a certain amount of money a day or per chore so it’s easy to dock it from the pay when it’s not done. Using a whiteboard may help with this or you can create a spreadsheet with the chores and boxes to mark when it’s been done.

Another thing we struggled with was with them borrowing money. If one of the boys wanted something at the store, but didn’t have the money we used to buy it for them and not require them to pay us back. It got to a point where he would purposely leave his money at home because he knew we’d just buy it for him. While this was a hard lesson it was one we decided was a must. We were spending way too much money doing this and it was defeating the purpose, so it came to an end. Read the rest of this entry »

2 Suggestions for Helping your Teenager Deal with Difficult Times

Teenagers have a lot of hormones running ramped in their bodies. At times they can handle them on their own, but more times than not, they don’t know how and they take it out on others or they make poor choices. Sometimes the actions are ok, but other times they aren’t, so it’s important you help them through it.

Regularly talk to your teenager about things going on in your community and in the world. While it’s almost impossible to talk about everything, you can do a lot when you talk to them and share with them how you would handle the situation if they had done what this person did.

Helping your child through this difficult time is not easy, but it needs to be done or you’ll find your child will be depressed or worse, they’ll do something they will regret for the rest of their lives. You don’t want that to happen, so it’s best to help them through it. Here are a few tips to help make that happen.

One the best ways to help your teenager overcome the difficult times they go through with their hormones is to communicate with them. Make sure you tell them you are always there for them no matter what happens. You need to show them you want them to feel comfortable talking to you about anything and everything. When you get them to this point they’ll know you care.

While discipline is difficult to do with your teenager, it’s something you must do. It’s another one of those things that’ll show them you care. They may be really upset when you first do it, but they will remember it when they go to do it again. The actions they do now will effect them later in life so it’s important to discipline them when they do something wrong. When they know you’re series about it they won’t do it again. After a time or two of being punished for something you told them not to do they’ll see you’re doing it because you love them.

Teenagers have a tendency to wear their feelings on their shirt sleeve, which makes it hard to live with them at times. A look given to them or a few words spoken is all it takes to set them off. The attitude comes out and you’re in it for the long hall. So it’s best to help them through these tough times. Communication and disciplinary actions are two of the best ways to help your teenager through this difficult time in their life. Make sure you show them you care and that you love them.

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2 Tips for Dealing with School Conversations

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could run and hide? Well I was in that type of situation today. My youngest son is in middle and is doing very well. His grades have improved since he left elementary school and he’s able to do elective classes and he’s having a great time.

The elementary school years were very hard on him because he routinely gave up recess time, came in before school, and stayed after school for help he needed so he could become a better student. Since the change happened he’s much happier, he loves the fact that he gets to take the classes he wants, and he’s eager to learn.

The hard part came today when I was talking to a parent and she was telling me how disappointed she is in the school. She told me she’d pull her son if it were possible, but it’s too late in the school year to get him in to the school she’d choose. She registered her daughter for middle school a few days ago and has decided to put her in the school she wanted to put her son in originally.

How do you discuss this type of thing with someone who is so unhappy when you’re not? There are several ways I can come up with, but I’m not sure if they’re right or not. I think the final decision will come during the conversation.

One way is to be sympathetic for the person and listen to what they have to say. Offer advice if you have anything that might help them get through it. Lending an ear is another way to help this person through it without telling the person how happy you are with the school. As a last resort, if you don’t have anything nice to say, try to change the subject to something else.

The other way to do this conversation is to voice your opinion in the situation. While this may not be the best way to go if the person you’re talking to is a friend or co-worker it is an option if you choose to go this route. You need to remember your child may be smarter than the other child or their child may have a learning disability that may or may not be the problem. Voicing your opinion could do more harm than good depending on the situation.

Certain situations can be difficult to discuss and may frustrate you or the person you’re talking to, but it happens. The best thing you can do is handle each situation as they come and try to make the best decision you can. When you do, you’ll be the better person the majority of the time.

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2 Parenting Tips for Helping Your Children Get to School on Time

Getting your kids ready for school in the morning can be a huge challenge. There are a number of things you can do to help them get ready quicker, but there are two that could be a huge help if you put them into action right away.

1.    Clothes

At times choosing what to wear can take forever, especially if you have girls. They can go through three or four outfits before making a final decision. If you have an issue with this each morning, you need to consider having your children set their clothes out the night before. This will save you valuable time each day.

2.    Backpacks

Putting the backpacks together can take some time if everything is scattered between the kitchen and the bedroom. You’d be amazed at the time it takes to put everything in the backpack, so it’s a good idea to have these ready to go before your child goes to bed. This will also help you prevent trips back home or to the school because things were forgotten.

So if you’ve ever had a problem getting your kids to school on time, consider these two simple, yet important tips and you’ll have a better chance of arriving on time every day.

Two Tips for Making Family Meal Happen Easier

We are all busy, but parents with children that are in extracurricular activities may be even busier than the people that don’t have that. We seem to be running all the time. If we’re not running one child to an event we’re running the other one.

My boys are very busy with sports and school functions. We barely have time to eat together as a family. So we must plan carefully so the family meals are able to happen. There are several ways to make this work, but you must have the right supplies and you must be willing to work to make it happen.

My two parenting tips for this work center around family meals.

1. Preparing your meals in advance

There are two ways to make this step happen. One thing you can do is plan your meals for the week. Sit down and decide what you’re going to have and then prepare a grocery list that contains everything you’ll need to make those meals. When you have everything you need you won’t have to make trips to the grocery store and you won’t have to order out.

The other option is to use freezer cooking. Freezer cooking gives you the ability to make meals quickly and easily. You take the time each weekend or one day a week and you cook everything you’ll need for your meals. Once that’s done everything goes in the freezer. Each day you pull the meals and you’re ready to eat in a short about of time. The Hillbilly Housewife offers a great ebook with all the information needed to start freezer cooking right away. Click here to purchase your copy through my affiliate link.

2. Crockpot Meals

If you’re not into freezer cooking another option is to use your crockpot. Most stores like Walmart and Target offer large crockpots that are big enough for a large meal for the entire family. You’ll find meals in a bag at your local grocery store as well. Usually these meals are ready to go so all you have to do is place the contents of the bag in your crockpot and possibly place water in the crockpot to go with it.

There are a number of Crockpot Cookbooks you can purchase that will give you all sorts of meals you can make. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, desserts, and just about anything else you can think of so they are very valuable when you want to use this option.

The Hillbilly Housewife offers a crockpot cookbook that makes these types of meals easy to do. She gives you everything except the food when it comes to this cookbook. Click here to get your copy of the Crockpot Cooking Made Simple ebook through my affiliate link.

Ok so now you have two suggestions to consider when you want to make sure you are able to have family meals each night. Both of these options work well, but you’ll need to decide which one will work best for you and then continue to use it regularly. Family meal time is very important and will help your kids to stay out of trouble. So make sure you do it regularly and often.

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Do you Communicate with Your Kids?

Parenting is hard to deal with at any age. You may be going through the terrible two’s or the teen years, but you need to remember things will change and it will get better. It’s important that you stand strong and continually communicate with your children because you’ll go wrong and have a harder time dealing with things if you do.

Here are two tips that will help you with no matter what you’re dealing with right now.

1. Communication

Communication is key to a good relationship with your child. You need to talk to your children on a daily basis. Even if you simple ask them how their day was and what they learned in school. When your children see that you care about them and what they’re doing, they will feel more comfortable talking to you about the difficult things like drugs and smoking.

Whether you’re busy or not it’s crucial you talk to your kids. Do your homework online and see what kids their age are doing, enjoy, and like. When you do this it will make it easier to find things to talk about. If your child is in sports or sing in the choir you can talk to them about practice or events they’ll be attending.

The most important thing to remember is to do it. Talk to your children every day. Over time you’ll see how much five or ten minutes a day will improve your relationship with your children.

2. Discussions

Talking to your children about drugs, alcohol, or sex is hard to do but it must be done. It’s unfortunate, but we must talk to our children about these things early and often. You will thank yourself when your children grow up healthy and not in trouble.

You need to talk to your children about these topics on a regular basis. When your children get to be of dating age, it’s important you remind them about this every time they go out on a date. No matter if it’s a group setting, a single date, a dance, or a game, you need to remind them of the discussion you had and ask them to be responsible.

Talking to your children may be hard at first, but over time it will become easier and you’ll cherish those talks because it will bring you closer to your child. The older your children get the more peer pressure they have and the harder things are for them to deal with. When they know you care and what they do is important, they’ll know they can come to you for anything and everything.

Corrie Petersen is a Work At Home Mom who is married and has two boys. She loves to help others in her business, but more importantly she loves spending time with her husband and sons. Read what she is up to with her family by visiting her mommy blog at

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