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Tell me Thursday – December 2

Yesterday I posted a picture of my bedroom window. If you look closely at that picture you’ll see my cat between the window and the blind. She’s teasing the dog that’s outside. It was quite funny when the dog came up to the window and scared her so bad that she lost her balance and almost fell out of the window. ROFL

If you missed the picture, here it is again.

Tell Me Thursday – October 7

Yesterday I posted a goofy picture of my cat Piper. In that picture you’ll see her in my Acer computer bag. Now my husband said, I knew computers had mice, but I never knew they had cats. How cute!

Just in case you missed it here is the picture of my goofy cat.

Tell me Thursday – 4/8/10

My Wordless Wednesday post goes along with my Wednesday video. Chris is taking swimming lessons and is doing very well. This picture is of Chris acting like a dolphin. He had a lot of fun in the water today.


Tell me Thursday – 5/7/09

new-truck-plateThis is a picture of our new license plates. As all of you know I have two boys. So my husband and I decided to get personalized plates for our truck. As you can tell from this picture our plates read 2 boys. We had to make a trip to Cheyenne to get the plates, but it was so fun and I couldn’t wait to get home and put them on.

I just love my boys and this is one more way for everyone to know!

Tell me Thursday – 4/9/09

josh-playing-connect-fourThis is a picture of Josh playing the game Connect Four. The funny thing about it is he used a stuffed Penguin as a leg for the game. LOL! I guess that’s one way to still play the game.

Tell Me Thursday – 3/26/09

missy-chillin-with-sunglasses-onThis is a picture of my oldest sons cat Missy. She is sitting on the chair chillin’ with Josh’s sunglasses. Isn’t she so cute? She doesn’t come downstairs very often, but on Saturday afternoon she did. She took over the recliner and fell asleep for a while. It was a good laugh for sure.

Tell me Thursday – 3/12/09

josh-piper-3-09This is Josh and our cat Piper. Josh was cold so Chris bundled him up and Piper came to investigate. Shortly after this photo was taken Josh fell asleep with Piper on the couch. It was adorable!

Tell me Thursday – 2/19/09

Well, I’m about a week late on my Tell me Thursday post. Better late than never I figure. LOL

This is my son Josh and a team mate of his. They were participating in a lego robotics compitition and had a great time!


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