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An Awesome Track Meet for Josh!

Josh had his first track meet of the season last Saturday and needless to say he did an outstanding job. Kevin and I were so happy to see his improvement and it was so exciting to watch him run.

We were so excited when we found the website that shared the results of the meet, so we wanted to share them with you as well. Can you say proud parents????

The first event of the day was the 100 meter dash. This is a quick and short race with no time to think about what you’re doing. This is a great race for Josh because he’s quick off the line. He placed 12th overall out of 50 racers, so that’s awesome.

The next event for Josh was the 4×400 relay race. Now this is a relay where there are four people on the team. Each runner has 400 meters to run before they hand the baton off to the next person. It tasks a lot of practice to make this work because you have to hand off correctly, you have to receive correctly, and you’re limited on the distance you can travel before the hand off occurs. Josh’s team took 2nd place overall out of six teams.

The third event Josh did was the 200 meter dash. This is another one of those races where you don’t have time to think. It’s a dash from beginning to end, so it’s another good one for Josh. He placed 9th overall out of 42 racers.

The final race of the day was the 4×100 relay race. This one is a lot like the 4×400 relay race except each runner does 100 meters. So it’s a very fast race and certainly doesn’t take long to complete. In this relay race Josh’s team took 4th out of eight teams.

Needless to say Josh had an outstanding track meet last Saturday. Each time he gets better and he’s hoping to go to the Best of the Best in May. That meet is by invitation only and it’s an honor for those that are invited. It’s a great goal to set and one that Kevin and I pray Josh can achieve.

Track Season 2012

Josh starts track on Monday and I’m looking forward to it. He did it last year for the first time as a middle schooler and was getting his feet wet. He did a number of different field events, but his best event had to do with running.

Josh is tall and skinny and he’s built to run. Years ago when both the boys were in elementary school they would race to do the door and the majority of the time Josh would beat his brother. Now if you asked Chris he would say he let Josh win and sometimes I think that may have been true, but I also think because of Josh’s long legs he would have won anyway.

Josh does better with the longer races because he has a chance to get his thoughts together before it’s time to get started. He can do the shorter races like the 50 meter dash and the 100 meter dash, but the 400 meter dash and the 800 meter run are better. Last year he had a number of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places to his name and the majority of those were from the longer races.

I’m looking forward to watching Josh run in the races and to see how much he’s learned and improved since last season. I know he’ll do better this year and I’m confident he’ll bring home more 1st place ribbons.

Go Josh!!

Tell me Thursday – February 16

On Tuesday Josh played the basketball game of his life. His team was playing in the final tournament game of the season and the end result would determine who took 3rd place and who took 4th place.

The score went back and forth for the majority of the game, but the last four minutes of the game is where it got interesting. You see Josh got the ball and shot it and got a three pointer for it. Less than a minute later Josh ended up with the ball again and did a layup with the end result being 2 points. About a minute later Josh stole the ball from a player and went down court. He tried for the three pointer again and then was fouled. Because he was going for a three point shot, he was given three free throws. He ended up with one point, which made his final score for the game six points. The last two minutes of the game showed Josh’s team was the strong of the two and with four more points scored they won the game and took third place in the county.

Josh’s team had an outstanding season and I’m so glad we were able to watch the games. Josh excelled each day and it’s so great to see him improve. His coach was fantastic and he taught these kids so much.

Here’s the picture again, just in case you missed it.

You had a great season Josh and I’m so proud of you. I love you so much!!

Our JV Boy!

Saturday was an awesome day. Not only was it Kevin’s birthday, but it was also the very first time Chris played JV football. Even though KW lost 14-26, it was the best game Chris has ever played. The majority of the game he play on the offense and was on the kick return team. Both positions are somewhat new to Chris but that didn’t stop him from doing as the coach said and following through like he was supposed to.

Chris made a number of awesome plays, he blocked just like he should, and he protected his quarterback as planned. While he played on the kick return team he blocked the other players so they couldn’t get to his ball carrier. It was picture perfect!

With minutes left in the game they put Chris in on the defense which is the position he loves to play. If the other team wouldn’t have sat on the ball that last play Chris would have sacked their quarterback because he was inches away from getting to him.

One of Chris’ favorite plays is one the coach says is just for him. He rolls to the left or right to throw the other team off and to get a player that may otherwise not be blocked. He is really good at this play and so he is the only one that does it. Below are pictures of some awesome plays Chris had during the JV game.

Chris, dad and I are so proud of you. You’ve worked hard over the years and it’s starting to pay off. Keep up the hard work because it will continue to work in your favor. Don’t forget the Bible verse Philippians 4:13. “I can have all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

We’re proud of you and we love you!!!!

A Flagger at the Game, How Fun!

Last night we went to a Wyoming Calvary game and needless to say it was one that we enjoyed thoroughly. The game itself was exciting to say the least. The Cav’s usually have multiple scores by the end of the 1st quarter, but that was not the case last night. They started out struggling to score and the end of the 1st quarter left a score of seven for the Cav’s and six for the other team.

Chris really enjoys going to the games and he enjoys working them even more. He spent the majority of the last season cleaning the locker rooms after the game. Now most of you would think this is a terrible job for a 14 year old (at the time), but he really enjoyed it. It made him feel like he was a part of the team and he was able to spend time with the players. He felt important and they got to know him at the same time.

Well this season is no different. The first game (last week) he cleaned the locker rooms and really enjoyed it. This game he was able to run the flags on the field, throw out prizes to the crowd, and clean the locker rooms. Last night was an awesome night for Chris and one I’m sure he won’t forget for a long time. Below are a few pictures and a video.

Chris is the one in white by the blue dasherboard.

Chris is the one in right at the lower middle area.

Chris starts out on the right side of the picture and moves to the left.

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