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Menu Monday: July 11

Today is Monday and we’re back from camping. We had a blast while we were there and we caught eight fish total. Now that we’re back it’s time to dig into this week’s menu and decide how we’re going to plan it all out.

Here is what we have on the menu for this week.

Monday – Lasagna
Tuesday – Breakfast burritos
Wednesday – Subs
Thursday – Sloppy Joes
Friday – BBQ Hamburgers
Saturday – BBQ Chicken
Sunday – Pizza

We’re planning on going camping again this weekend as our anniversary is on Sunday. We’re excited to go, but haven’t quite made the decision yet. We were going to go to Riverton, but they are experiencing blooding so I think that’s out of the question. It’s ok though, we’ll find another place to go that we’ll enjoy just the same.

Menu Monday: July 4

Today is the 4th of July and at the end of the week we’re going to go to the lake for the weekend. In the summer Kevin and the boys struggle to eat hot foods so we continually try to make foods that are cold or that can be cooked outside and not too hot. So here is our menu for the week.

Monday – Meatloaf
Tuesday – BBQ Chicken
Wednesday – Nacho’s
Thursday – Homemade Subs
Friday – Pizza
Saturday – BBQ Hamburgers
Sunday – Taco’s

What are your meal plans for the summer? I’m always looking for recipes that don’t require the oven. Share what you have below.

Menu Monday: April 4

Well it’s another Monday. Today I’m going to share our meal plan for the week. Kevin and I have been doing a lot of thinking about money the last few days and we’ve come up with a plan that we’re going to implement next week. I’m really hoping it will work and save us money.

You see, we don’t like microwaved hamburger so there are a number of meals that we enjoy having but we throw away a lot of the meal due to the amount of ingredients it takes to make it. A prime example of this would be the meal we’re going to have on tomorrow. So what we’re going to do is try to cut the recipe in half and we’re hoping it will be enough to feed us and yet not have any left overs remaining. I’ll let you know next week how it goes.

Monday – Breakfast
Tuesday – Chris’ meal
Wednesday – Monte Cristo’s
Thursday – Chicken w/ cheese and bacon bits
Friday – Take out
Saturday – Tator tot casserole
Sunday – Pizza

Do you eat left overs or do you throw them away because of something like us where we don’t like it warmed up? Leave a note in the comments and let us know.

Menu Monday: March 28

This is the final week of the regular basketball season for Josh’s. He has a game on Tuesday and practice the rest of the week. They’re preparing for the tournament next week.

Next week brings the tournament and track so it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks and months to say the least. LOL

Here is our meal list for the week. They’re pretty simple due to the games and practices but that’s ok. Sometimes it’s nice to have those.

Monday – Dorito Casserole
Tuesday – Taco’s
Wednesday – Bakes spaghetti
Thursday – BBQ chicken
Friday – Bacon cheeseburgers
Saturday – Patty melt
Sunday – Turkey dips

So what do you have on the list for dinners this week? Please share with us in the comments below.

Menu Monday: Lots of Bacon to Use

Today is Monday and it’s time to think about the meals for the week. With summer approaching many of you will plan to take time off for vacations and family trips. We’re planning a trip to Las Vegas next month so we’re saving money where we can. This will give us a little extra money to spend while we’re there. So here are the meals we’ll have this week.

Monday – Homemade Pizza
Tuesday – Bacon BBQ Cheeseburgers with homemade fries
Wednesday – Breakfast
Thursday – Meatloaf and mashed potatoes
Friday –Grilled turkey, bacon, and cheese sandwiches
Saturday – BBQ Chicken
Sunday – Ham with potatoes

We had extra bacon left from last time so we have several meals planned so we can use that up. This is a good way to save money and not throw things away. Do you look through your cupboards for things you can use in meals?

Menu Monday – February 21

It’s Menu Monday again and as we did last week, the all of our meals are ones we’ve had before. We’re still trying to get a handle on Josh’s schedule for basketball. His games start next week so things will change once again. Hopefully we’ll have the entire months schedule before we go shopping so we have an idea of the number of easy and quick meals we’re going to need.

Here is our menu for the week.

Monday – Beef rolls
Tuesday – Chef Salad
Wednesday – Bacon Cheeseburgers with homemade fries
Thursday – Baked chicken with noodles
Friday – Take out
Saturday – Meatloaf
Sunday – FFYS night

It’s been a while since we did a FFYS (Fend For Yourself) night. The boys usually enjoy this night because they can have what they want and I like it because they fix it themselves. LOL Have you ever done this type of meal before? How did it work for you if you did?

Menu Monday – February 14

Monday is here again and that means it’s menu Monday. I’m excited about our meals this week. This week is mainly filled with old meals that we’ve had before. Josh starts basketball this week so it may be a challenge. We’ll just have to wait and see what the week brings so we have a better ea of what we need to plan for meals.

So here’s our menu for the week.

Monday – Roast with potatoes and carrots
Tuesday – Homemade pizza
Wednesday – Beefy Tomato Rice Skillet
Thursday – BBQ chicken and salad
Friday – Patty Melts with homemade fries
Saturday – Red enchilada skillet
Sunday – Breakfast

What will you have for dinners this week? As you know, we’re always looking for new meals to try. We don’t eat seafood and we’re looking for low carb meals. Please feel free to share your favorite meals with us in the comments.

Menu Monday – January 31

It’s Monday again and that means Menu Monday. We have several new recipes we’re trying this week so it should be really good.

Here’s our list for the week.

Monday – Homemade Pizza
Tuesday – Taco Casserole
Wednesday – Meatloaf
Thursday – Chef Salad
Friday – Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup
Saturday – BBQ Chicken
Sunday – Spaghetti

What new recipes have you tried lately? Please share them in the comments below.

Menu Monday – January 24

It’s Monday again and that means Menu Monday. Trying to decide what to have can be a struggle. Let me ask you a question. Do you set your menu and stick to it each week or do you have a list of meals and you choose day to day what you’re going to prepare?

Here’s our list for the week.

Monday – Chicken Fettuccine
Tuesday – Chef Salads
Wednesday – Bacon Hashbrown Bake
Thursday – Taco Casserole
Friday – Eat out (grocery shopping day)
Saturday – Loaded baked potatoes
Sunday – Homemade Pizza

How often to you repeat meals you prepare for your family? For a while we were repeating some of the meals a couple times a month. The down side to that is you become tired of the meal quickly and that’s not good.

Menu Monday – January 17

Another week has come and gone and it’s Monday and we’re ready to get started. We have several new recipes on the list again. A couple of them are Weight Watcher’s meals and I’ll tell you the one we had tonight was outstanding. We’ll definitely have it again.

Monday – Beef Taco Bake
Tuesday – Monte Cristo’s
Wednesday – Breakfast
Thursday – Pizza rolls
Friday – BBQ Chicken
Saturday – Mexicali Meatloaf
Sunday – Grilled cheese and homemade soup

What’s on your menu for the week? Please share as we’re looking for new recipes to try as we don’t like to repeat too often. Low calorie and Weight Watcher’s recipes are really good.

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