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Favorite Deal Friday: October 28

Every Friday I will share with you a deal that will save you money. It may be a deal at a grocery store or it may be a freebie I’ve run across. You need to understand these may work for a short amount of time or may be location specific, so there is no guarantee.

Today’s favorite deal will be found at Walgreen’s.

Scott Naturals Paper Towels – 6 roll pack is on sale for $5 each. When you use the $1 off in store coupon and the $1 coupon in the Sunday paper, you’ll receive 6 rolls of paper towels for $3 total. That’s 50 cents a roll and who wants to pass that deal up?

$5 Sale Price

$1 In Store Coupon

$1 Coupon

You pay $3 or 50 cents per roll

This sale is in this week’s ad, so you’ll want to make sure you pick up your paper towels by October 29, 2011.

Tips for Couponing Safely

It’s important to be careful when you coupon. The reason is one that you may think is way out in left field until it happens to you or someone you know. Couponing can be addictive in that you’re always in search of the best deal. You must remember that it doesn’t matter if you have a coupon or not, if you don’t need the item, don’t buy it.

It’s as simple as that. There is no point in having clutter in your home and that’s what will happen if you purchase items you don’t need or won’t use. This will happen when you can get an item for a great deal and you have a lot of coupons for that same item. It’s hard to control yourself when this happens but you must do it. Share the coupon and deal with others so they can take advantage of it and you don’t have a ton of that one item in your home taking up space.

While that will be hard to do, you need to in order to control your couponing and stockpiles. There is no point in having 100 toothbrushes or 25 bottles of hot sauce in your home. A good rule to follow with your stockpile depends on your needs and the number of people in your family, but it’s safe to say no more then six months.

Most times an item will be marked down to a really low price and six months later it will come around again. So if you have enough to get you through six months you’ll be good for that item. It’s also important to watch expiration dates. There is NO point in purchasing 20 bottles of something that has a shelf life of 30 or 60 days. Why spend the money on it when it’s sure to expire before you will use it.

Couponing can get out of hand quicker than you can think it will if you’re not careful. Don’t put your family in a hardship just because you’re out to get the best deal no matter what the item is and if you need it or not. The main reason you coupon is to save money not spend so much that you struggle to make ends meet. It’s just not worth it!

Pay attention to what you’re doing and only buy what you need. Don’t waste money on items you won’t use or things you’ll end up throwing away because they expired before you could use them. Stockpile what you need and no more. When you do this you’ll find the grocery bill will be smaller, you won’t have products taking over your home, and you’ll have more money for the things you want.

Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant business. She loves to get the best deal on grocery items for her family. If you’re looking for tips to make the most of your grocery money, click here to purchase her ebook. She’ll show you how to save money when you use coupons & price matching.

Favorite Deal Friday: October 21

Every Friday I will share with you a deal that will save you money. It may be a deal at a grocery store or it may be a freebie I’ve run across. You need to understand these may work for a short amount of time or may be location specific, so there is no guarantee.

Today’s favorite deal will be found at Walgreen’s.

The Schick Hydro 5 is on sale for $8.49. You’ll receive a $4.50 Register Reward to use on your next purchase. This makes your purchase price $3.99. Now there is a $2 coupon in most Sunday papers. You’ll pay $1.99 if you have this coupon.

$8.49 Sale Price

$4.50 Less Register Reward

$2.00 Coupon

Like paying $1.99

This sale is in this week’s ad, so you’ll want to make sure you pick your razor up by October 22, 2011.

Coupons for the Troops

There is a program that involves coupons and the Troops. This program ships coupons to troops overseas. The Commissaries overseas allow the troops to use them for up to six months after they’ve expired. What better way to help the troops make ends meet each week?

I’ve been couponing for two months now so several of my coupons expired before I could use them. You see after the first couple of weeks I decided to cut and save all coupons. I thought maybe I could share them with others and maybe they would share with me as well. Needless to say it took me just a bit longer than I thought to create a couponing group.

So in the mean time I have coupons that have expired, so I had to figure out what to do with them. That’s when I remembered reading about a program called Coups for Troops. So we decided to go through everything we had and when we were done we put them in an envelope and mailed them to the troops.

What an awesome feeling and a great way to help the troops overseas. We’re happy we did it and will definitely do it again when the time comes and we have multiple coupons to send.

Thank you for creating this wonderful opportunity and for helping us to help them. If you’re interested in sending coupons to the troops, click here for more information.

Tips for Saving Money Through Couponing

There has been a ton of talk in the past few months regarding saving money. With the economy the way it is and people that are still without work or they’ve had to take a cut in pay to continue to have a job, there is a bigger need then ever to save money.

One of the best and easiest ways to save money is to use coupons when you make your purchases. There are coupons for all sorts of food and health and beauty items along with baby and pet items. You can also get coupons for restaurants and many other places. There are also a number of ways to get those coupons.

The first way to get coupons is to cut them from the Sunday newspaper. Now you can purchase the paper yourself or you can ask for the coupons from people you know like your neighbors or friends and family. The best thing to do is think about the options you have and ask around so you get the coupons you need and want.

Another way is to print coupons online. One of the best places to go online for them is This site gives you a one stop shop when it comes to ways to print them. They have some of the most popular sites like RedPlum and SmartSource. Another way to get coupons online is to go to the specific website for the products you want. For example you could go to Dove or Dole to print coupons if they have them available.

The other option is to purchase coupons. Now there are several ways to go about doing these purchases. You can bid on coupon auctions online at or you can go to Coupon Clippers and purchase the coupons you want. This option is good if you don’t have time to search online and clip them yourself.

One last thing you need to do when you’re trying to save money at the grocery store is to look at the ads from other stores like Albertsons and Safeway. Write down the products you need and include the size and dollar amount. When you go to the store if you find the product you need is cheaper at another store, ask for that price. It’s a good idea to ask in advance if the store will meet the other stores price. It’s also a good idea to either make note of the price the product was or the savings between the current price and the price you got it for with the price match.

When you sit down to decide how much money you saved you need to add up all the coupons and the price match differences. When you add all of those amounts up you’ll find the total amount of money you saved. The amount of money you save will surprise you when you put a little bit of time into each week.

Whether you need to save money so you can continue to be a work at home mom or if you want to go out of town for a family vacation but need help making it happen couponing is definitely something to consider. You’ll find the difference could be amazing.

Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant business and she’s the owner of She enjoys working her business, but she loves spending time with her husband and very athletic boys. She’s working hard to save money to help her family with their financial needs. See what they are up to when you click here to visit her mommy blog.

What People Say Feels Good

We were at Walmart last night. I found a number of coupons that would get us some stuff for either free or very low in cost. But, that’s not what this post is all about. While we were there we had a few people behind us watching what we were doing.

We had some things that we had to pay full price for, but then we had a number of things we price matched and that’s what surprised those people behind us. She’s listening to the prices I’m throwing out and then the lady says the total amount of the bill, then my coupons come up and that made it even better.

When it was all said and done the woman stepped up to me and said, you need to come shopping with me because I pay way to much compared to you. I’ll tell you what, that comment right there made me feel awesome. It’s funny, but it’s the little things that mean the most.

I really thought she was going to be frustrated because it takes a little bit of time to do price matching. There are like three extra keystrokes involved in each and every item and that takes time. Some people will hit the quantity button when you have multiple items that are the same and that will save time, but then you have the others that won’t and when you have a lot that can take a lot of time. So this woman telling me I need to come shopping with her made my night. LOL

After last weeks savings I’m not so sure I’ll be able to go over that, but you know what? I sure am going to give it a try. My dream is to spend a very small amount of money but still get a lot of food and other items. That’s a big dream, but I think I can make it happen because each time I do it I learn more and that’s just what I need and want.

So we’ll see how next week goes when we do shopping again. I’m attending a couponing class Tuesday night and I’m hoping I’ll learn even more from this class. The more I can learn the more I can save and that’s exactly what it’s all about. :)

Another Couponing Adventure to Walmart

My husband said today that I was addicted to couponing. I asked him why he said that and it was because of my trip Monday night. I guess maybe he is right. LOL O’well the more money we save the more things we can do and that’s what counts.

We went grocery shopping Sunday afternoon and we saved $135 this time. Needless to say I was completely shocked when I added it up. Last time we went we saved $61 so I set a goal of saving $75 this time. Well, I have surpassed that. Our budget every two weeks is $250 and that’s what we’ve hit for the past two times we’ve gone. That feels great. Makes everything just a little bit easier. :)

So here is what I got at Walmart Monday evening.

3 boxes of bandaids – free
4 packages of floss – $1
2 rolls of tape – $1
3 packages of Zyrtec – $0.81
2 packages of Tums – free
2 tubes of Dial Lotion – free

My total bill including tax came to $2.95 this time. My total savings was $34.71 this trip. That’s an awesome feeling.

Here is a picture of what we got.

I’m not sure what others would consider extreme couponing, but others have told me I’m pretty close to it, if not already there. The thing I see is important to know here is that I only buy things my family will use. That’s one thing I didn’t do the first time I tried couponing a few years ago. I would buy things that were on sale or that I had a coupon for and then it would go to waste and that meant my money did too. I have a different look at it this time and I only buy things I need or want. That’s it. Period!

Looking forward to the next trip to see if I can save even more. Maybe one of these days I’ll get everything for free. We’ll see. LOL

My Opinion on Extreme Couponing

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about extreme couponing and I honestly think it’s what you make of it. I don’t think you’re an extreme couponer if you use five or six coupons, but maybe that’s because I average 15-20 each time. But for the person that rarely uses them or even looks for them, maybe that is extreme couponing to them.

On the topic of stockpiling, that means different things to different people. I would never in my dreams buy hundreds of things that would take forever to use and I certainly, in no way buy things I wouldn’t use. To me that’s a waste of time and money. I can see purchasing products you know you’ll use and that are on sale and cheap with a coupon.

As part of the extreme couponing show they suggest you use a 3-ring binder with baseball card sheets for your coupons. I thought that was simply stupid and crazy until I went to the store with 20+ coupons and on three or four occasions I almost dumped them on the floor. I now have a binder and I won’t shop without it. I don’t have to worry about losing them on the floor and I like the fact that they’re all there because you never know when a store will have a sale on an item you have a coupon for and use regularly.

So what are your thoughts on extreme couponing? Do you watch the show and what do you think of all the savings those people experience each time? I like the savings we have had so far and I look forward to more savings as I learn more and develop a knack for the technique.

Extreme Couponing: Target Trip 7-4-11

I went to Target on the afternoon of the 4th of July. Needless to say it was the best time to go because there was very few people there. We didn’t even have to wait in line. It was perfect. LOL

I have found a site that is absolutely perfect for couponing with the sale ads. They tell you what’s on sale and what coupons to use to get the lowest price possible. Click here to see where I got my information and how I saved so much money on this trip. I have used this site several times now and each time I do I’m even more happy. It saves you time and that’s what I need with the busy life I have right now.

Today I purchased a pair of Scotch scissors, 2 Sharpies, 4 packages of pens (40 pens total), 2 rolls of Scotch tape, and 2 envelopes of Oretega taco seasoning. My total after coupons was $1.98. I saved $9 total on this trip.

Extreme Couponing to the Rescue

We decided the first part of June that we needed to save money when it came to grocery shopping. This came after we watched a few episodes of Extreme Couponing towards the end of May. LOL

We started with the first pay period in June and it’s been a wonderful month so far. The first trip we did I took my ads and coupons and the savings was good, but the experience wasn’t so good. I almost dropped my coupons several times because my ads kept trying to slide out of the cart. It was after that experience that I decided to make the big purchase which was the 3 ring binder. I’ll tell you I’m sure happy we decided to do that.

The next few trips were small ones as they were from coupons and sale prices that came up. Those savings were pretty big as well. This last trip was very exciting. We budget $250 ever two weeks and this is the first time in many months that we actually met that amount. We purchased $306 worth of merchandise and we paid $245. We saved $61 which is the biggest one yet.

For the month of June we saved over $235. What a great feeling that is to save so much. My goal for July is to save $250 for the month. I know if I stick to couponing I can make it happen. The savings is great because it makes things easier when it comes to the money and we have plenty of food in the house to eat.

Here are pictures of some of the things we purchased in June.

I received the items in this picture for $1.86 today. The collage picture was free, the Manwich was $1.49, and the Reynolds wrap was $0.14 each. That’s a $7.44 savings. WooHoo!!!!

This was from my shopping trip to Kmart today. The total before coupons was $21.36 and after coupons it was $7.65 which is a savings of $13.71 today. WooHoo!!!!

I got a bottle of tums and two rolls of tapes for $3.14. That’s a savings of $4.85.

Here is my recent trip to Target. I paid $2.40 for a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of conditioner, two five packs of Zyrtec, two bottles of deodorant, and a package of air heads. That’s a savings of $13.

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