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Camping Withdrawals Again… How we’re going to get through it!

It’s the goofy and the funny things in life that make it worth it all. It’s been seven months since we last took the trailer to the lake. Needless to say we’re all having withdrawals. We want to get back out and either go to the lake or the mountain, but it’s still too cold. There is still snow on the ground on the mountain and the temperatures just aren’t warm enough to take it back out yet.

So we decided to help us make it through another month or so we’re going to have lunch in the trailer today. We need to go check on it anyway and we want to put the new mattress on the bed, so it’s the perfect time to go check it out. So we’re going to stop and get Blimpies and head on out to the place it’s stored at to see how it is.

While it won’t be the same, it will still be nice to go see it and sit inside it. Funny I know, but hopefully it will help us get through the next month or so. We’re hoping to take it out the first part of May, but it will depend on the lovely Wyoming weather. Hahaha!

Spring is Finally Here

I believe spring is finally here. I just looked at the weather for the next 10 days and the highs are supposed to be in the 60’s and 70’s the entire time. Yay! I’m so glad. I hate winter because it’s cold, the roads are terrible to drive in, and there are days when the sun doesn’t come out.

Spring time means it’s closer to summer and that means we can go camping again. We had such a great time camping last summer and we just can’t wait to do it again. We’re planning to go to the lake and the mountain and it’s going to be so much fun.

We bought a new generator and it’s so much quieter. It won’t be embarrassing to run it early in the morning when we want to use the microwave or if we need to plug in the cell phones. It won’t be terrible if we run it in the morning if we need to turn the heat on for a bit. It’s perfect!

I’m also looking forward to the green grass, the leaves on the trees, and the flowers blooming. Last summer we planted a lilac bush because they’re my favorite and I’m praying it comes back this year. In our old house we had a huge lilac bush that lined the driveway and I truly miss that. The smell is wonderful and the flowers were just beautiful. I just hope we’ll have that again with this new one.

Well, with all of that said, I welcome spring and I’m looking forward to each day because it brings warmer temperatures and the beauty’s it has to offer. Yay spring!!

Bug Check

We came up to the mountain last night to do some camping. It’s perfect up here this time of year. Usually it’s between 15 and 20 degrees cooler on the mountain so it’s a great way to escape the heat during the summer.

We were sitting around the camp fire laughing and having a good time when a bug came along and freaked us out. He was huge and made a strange sound. After he came to visit each one of us we decided to put the fire out and go inside the camp trailer. LOL

Once we got inside we found a huge black bug on the floor in the trailer so one of our son’s came to the rescue and got him out. He loves bugs so it was all good to him. Hehehe

So once we got him out things were good. We stayed up for a bit and then decided to go to bed. Kevin and I were in bed waiting on the boys to finish up. All the lights were off except for the one in their area. The next thing we know one of the boys jumps out of bed and starts jumping up and down making strange sounds. Needless to say it was funny and we were all laughing.

What ended up happening was a bug decided to come into bed with him. So once again the bug was removed and all was well. Well not until three bug checks were done. Sleeping bag, bed, blanket, pillow, everything had to be checked.

It’s the funny things we have happen that make camping trips like this fun and memorable. More than likely it will be a long time before we forget the bug check story and that camping trip. LOL

Our Friend the Squirrel

While we were camping last weekend we ran into a squirrel that was unique. We saw him at least once almost every day while we were there. In fact it was beautiful as far as squirrels go. LOL What made this squirrel unique was his tail. You see the tip of it was white. It was almost as if someone had tied a small cotton ball to the tip of it.

You could see him coming from a distance because that tail stood out. He didn’t blend in with the ground or the trees because of it. He would go up and down the trees and he’d run around the ground almost as if he was playing. It was almost as if he was playing a game. He was entertaining to watch.

To entertain us he would run back and forth through the area. He would run around the trees, he’d go part way up a tree only to come back down a few seconds later. I’m not sure what the purpose was for him to do that, but it was funny to say the least. It was almost as if he didn’t have a care in the world so he was going to play and have a good time and that he did.

King of the Hill

During our camping trip last weekend we were driving around on the mountain looking at the properties up there and the different camping spots when we discovered something unusual. We stopped on the side of the road to check cell phone messages when we heard our oldest son Chris say, “look over there”. So we looked over at the huge hill of dirt and on the top of that hill was something we wouldn’t have thought we’d ever see.

We saw a deer standing at the top of that dirt hill. He was looking around at what he could see. The next thing we know he starts digging in the dirt and then lays down. Once he laid down you could hardly see him because he blended in so well. The way the hole was you could only the horns on his head.

Later in the day we drove by again and he was still there. He stood up again, dug a little in the hole and laid down again. What a way of life. LOL

Many Visitors to our Camp Site

We had a number of visitors to our camp site over the weekend. Some were people and some were friendly animals. We had quite a few birds, squirrels, and deer that stopped by at one time or another. It was nice to see them stop by to see what we were doing.

The sounds mother nature gave to each of her animals is beyond me, but they are so peaceful and beautiful at the same time. I truly enjoyed listening to them and trying to figure out what animal was making that sound. The one that amazed me the most was the sound a squirrel would make. I would never have thought it would have made the sound it made. LOL

One of the most beautiful animals that stopped by would have to be the deer in this picture. He stopped to pose for Chris just so he could take the picture. It turned out perfectly and Chris did an outstanding job with it. Thanks for taking it Chris.

Preparing for a Camping Trip

A camping trip can be so fun and exciting, but if you forget something it can be a bad thing, especially if you forget something that is vital for the trip such as medicine, a pan to cook in, or food. Depending on what is forgotten you may have to make a trip to the store or worse back home. Being prepared is a better thing as it gives you more time camping and less time worrying about things. Here are some suggestions that might help you to remember everything you need.

1. To-do List

The best thing to do when you decide to go camping is to create a to-do list. You’ll want to create it early so you can add things as you remember them. A to-do list will be your best friend when it comes to the preparation of your camping trip.

When you create your to-do list it will help you to remember everything you need to do and bring for your trip. Included in this list should be the food you’ll want to bring, the sleeping items like blankets, pillows, tent, etc that you’ll need, personal items like medicine, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, and soap, and you’ll need to bring propane or gasoline.

2. Purchase ahead of time

Waiting until the last minute to do your grocery shopping and make your other purchases will only cause problems in the long run. You’ll be pressed for time and you could potentially forget something. This could cause you to have to make a change in your meals or something else or you’ll have to go back and possibly cause you to pay more if you go to a closer store with higher prices. Making your purchases several days ahead of time will prevent this from happening because you’ll have more time to shop and if you do forget something you can go back again.

3. Pack early

When you pack early you have time to think about what you’ll need and to make sure you don’t forget anything. It will also give you time to prepare your camp trailer or the area where you have your camping gear. This will help you to remember the important things you’ll need to bring like batteries, dish soap, toilet paper, and many other things you always need while you’re gone.

Camping is a lot of fun, but it can be frustrating or be cause for a short trip when you forget things you need to make your trip successful. When you use these three tips you’ll have a better chance of forgetting things and that will make for a better trip.

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Another Camping Trip

We went camping at the lake this last weekend and I’ll tell you, we had a blast. It was nice weather and we had a great time with the boys and Kevin’s brother’s family.

We went out Friday night and came back on Sunday. The majority of the time was spent talking and fishing. On Sunday we spent most of the day on a boat and needless to say it was a lot of fun. We spent the morning fishing and then the afternoon we went to the canyon and around the water looking around and enjoying the water.

Fishing this time was a lot better then it was when we went over Father’s Day. Chris caught three fish, Josh caught two fish, Kevin caught two fish, and I caught one fish. Here is the information on each of them.


13 ounces and 1 foot
8 ounces and 11 inches
1 pound and 13 inches


1 pound 4 ounces and 14 ½ inches
13 ounces and 13 inches


1 pound 6 ounces and 16 ½ inches
1 pound 5 ounces and 15 inches


1 pound 4 ounces and 14 ½ inches

Needless to say the fish we caught this time were pretty good in size. Several of them put up a huge fight and that was wonderful. We had a great time bringing them in and the smiles were wonderful.

This weekend we’re going to the mountain for some relaxing time. It will be nice to be in the cooler air and not spend the time watching a fishing pole. LOL

Camping for the Weekend

As you know we purchased a camp trailer over the 4th of July weekend. We decided to take it out for the first time and as you read this we’ll be lounging around the lake enjoying it and have a relaxing time.

I look forward to returning on Sunday evening refreshed and relaxed. It will be nice and if it works the way we want, we’ll have a lot more of these fun weekends. It doesn’t matter if we fish all day or just sit in the chair and look out into the water, it will be fun.

We all work too hard and spend our days doing things for other people. Spending the weekend doing what you want is what we need to prevent stress and to have that relaxation and that’s what we plan to do this weekend.

Introducing our New Camper

Yesterday we bought a camp trailer and we’re so excited about it. We’ve wanted one for a number of years, but our finances were not at a point where we could afford the payments. We’re in a different situation now and things are much better and we can afford the payments.

I’m so excited about it. This trailer is awesome and it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for. It has central air and heat. It has bunk beds in it so the boys can have their own bed to sleep in. Another awesome thing about it is the bunk beds allow us to not use the table or sofa for the beds. This means we can use the table no matter who is sleeping. There is a curtain and a shade that separates the bedrooms so anyone that is sleeping will not be distracted by someone sitting at the table or sofa. It’s just perfect.

Here are some pictures of it so you can see how awesome this trailer is and how much fun we’re going to have going to the lake or mountain.

This is the master bedroom. There are night stands on each side, storage above, and storage under the bed. There is also a sliding door that goes right in front of the bed for added privacy.

This is the sofa. It’s on the slide out so it gives added room between that and the table on the other side.

This is the table opposite of the sofa. There is storage above it along with a radio and area for a TV. The table folds out into a bed but unless we have more people stay with us, we don’t plan to use this as a bed.

This is the kitchen area. We have a stove, oven, microwave, and double sink. The storage is really good in this area. There are cupboards to the left that are not visible but they’re perfect for utensils, seasons, and other items.

This is the refrigerator, freezer, and bunk beds. The refrigerator and freezer run off of both electric and propane so that’s awesome.

This is the bathroom. It’s kind of hard to take pictures of this, but there is a toilet, sink, medicine cabinet, bath, and shower. It’s awesome!

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