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Another Couponing Adventure to Walmart

My husband said today that I was addicted to couponing. I asked him why he said that and it was because of my trip Monday night. I guess maybe he is right. LOL O’well the more money we save the more things we can do and that’s what counts.

We went grocery shopping Sunday afternoon and we saved $135 this time. Needless to say I was completely shocked when I added it up. Last time we went we saved $61 so I set a goal of saving $75 this time. Well, I have surpassed that. Our budget every two weeks is $250 and that’s what we’ve hit for the past two times we’ve gone. That feels great. Makes everything just a little bit easier. :)

So here is what I got at Walmart Monday evening.

3 boxes of bandaids – free
4 packages of floss – $1
2 rolls of tape – $1
3 packages of Zyrtec – $0.81
2 packages of Tums – free
2 tubes of Dial Lotion – free

My total bill including tax came to $2.95 this time. My total savings was $34.71 this trip. That’s an awesome feeling.

Here is a picture of what we got.

I’m not sure what others would consider extreme couponing, but others have told me I’m pretty close to it, if not already there. The thing I see is important to know here is that I only buy things my family will use. That’s one thing I didn’t do the first time I tried couponing a few years ago. I would buy things that were on sale or that I had a coupon for and then it would go to waste and that meant my money did too. I have a different look at it this time and I only buy things I need or want. That’s it. Period!

Looking forward to the next trip to see if I can save even more. Maybe one of these days I’ll get everything for free. We’ll see. LOL

King of the Hill

During our camping trip last weekend we were driving around on the mountain looking at the properties up there and the different camping spots when we discovered something unusual. We stopped on the side of the road to check cell phone messages when we heard our oldest son Chris say, “look over there”. So we looked over at the huge hill of dirt and on the top of that hill was something we wouldn’t have thought we’d ever see.

We saw a deer standing at the top of that dirt hill. He was looking around at what he could see. The next thing we know he starts digging in the dirt and then lays down. Once he laid down you could hardly see him because he blended in so well. The way the hole was you could only the horns on his head.

Later in the day we drove by again and he was still there. He stood up again, dug a little in the hole and laid down again. What a way of life. LOL

Many Visitors to our Camp Site

We had a number of visitors to our camp site over the weekend. Some were people and some were friendly animals. We had quite a few birds, squirrels, and deer that stopped by at one time or another. It was nice to see them stop by to see what we were doing.

The sounds mother nature gave to each of her animals is beyond me, but they are so peaceful and beautiful at the same time. I truly enjoyed listening to them and trying to figure out what animal was making that sound. The one that amazed me the most was the sound a squirrel would make. I would never have thought it would have made the sound it made. LOL

One of the most beautiful animals that stopped by would have to be the deer in this picture. He stopped to pose for Chris just so he could take the picture. It turned out perfectly and Chris did an outstanding job with it. Thanks for taking it Chris.

Menu Monday: July 18

Today is Menu Monday and the start to a new week. I’ll tell you what it’s hard to come back to reality when you had such a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. Oh well, it is what it is. LOL

Here is our menu for the week. It’s nothing special but most of it had to do with items on sale at the store this week and things we had in the house already.

Monday – French Dips and chips
Tuesday – Taco’s
Wednesday – Sheppard’s pie
Thursday – Sloppy Joes and french fries
Friday – Breakfast burritos
Saturday – dinner at the wedding reception
Sunday – BBQ Chicken and rice

These meals are pretty quick and most of them won’t require the stove to be on for too long if it’s on at all. Gotta love that when it’s 90 degrees outside. :)

Happy Anniversary Kevey!

Today is a special day in our household. 18 years ago today I married my best friend and a wonderful man. It was the most beautiful day and a funny one too boot. LOL

We planned our wedding for 12 1/2 months and for the majority of that time we talked about an outdoor wedding. You see, my mom kept harping on us about an outdoor wedding. She kept saying it’s Wyoming and the weather is very unpredictible. One minute it can be gorgeous and the next minute the wind will come up and it’s raining. For seven or eight months she did this and finally we gave up and reserved a church.

Now the funny part of that story is what happened with the weather that day. Our wedding was to start at 2 pm, but I wasn’t ready yet so is didn’t start until around 2:15 pm. We weren’t even 10 minutes into it and we hear this loud boom and the lights flickered. So of course you know what that meant. LOL It poured outside. So needless to say, we were thankful we listened go my mom and reserved the church.

I have many other memories of our wedding even though I don’t remember the ceremony itself, which I’m sure is pretty typical. At the time, my dad was the fire dept mechanic and so he asked the fireman to come in their truck and take us from the church to the Eagles Lodge where we had the reception. They went through the city with their lights on while Kevin and I were in the passenger seat.

I also remember my little ring bearer. He was around six at the time. He did good walking up the isle, but once he got there it wasn’t so good. He wanted to lay on the floor and at one point he even took his shoes off and kicked them up in the air. He did all of this while the ceremony was going on. All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t see it going on. LOL

Even though we had a few minor problems, our wedding was beautiful and it was the perfect start to our wonderful life together. 18 years later we have two wonderful boys, a beautiful home, a camp trailer, an awesome truck, and a bunch of other stuff as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better life and it’s all because of the wonderful man I married 18 years ago today. Happy Anniversary Kevey! I love you bunches.

Now it’s about Chris

During that same camping trip I mentioned yesterday, I could just tell my oldest wanted to have a blog post written about him too. He didn’t flat come out and say it, but a mom just knows. Hehehe

This post is all about my oldest son Chris. He’s 15 years old and he’s a wonderful kid. He was born three weeks early but the doctor did a gestational age test on him and he was actually two weeks late. He’s been a big boy all of his life but that hasn’t stopped him from doing what he enjoys. He loves to play football and basketball. He also likes track but had to stop due to a back injury.

He’s a very busy kid. He lifts weights and works out with the football team three days a week during the summer. He does a lot of work for a very nice lady down the street, he’s learned to long board (that’s a long skate board), and he enjoys being with his friends. He’s always on the go, but is a typical teenager in that he sleeps a good portion of the day away. LOL

He’s very helpful and strong which makes it nice when we need something heavy moved. He’s always willing to help no matter what you need or want him to do. Those are wonderful qualities that any mom would be proud to say her child has and it makes me happy to say my son has them. :) I love you Chris!

It’s all about Josh

We’re doing some camping this weekend to have some down time so I decided to write some blog posts. I asked my family what I should write about and my youngest one said, “write one about me”. LOL So here I go.

What do I say about Josh? Josh is my youngest and he’s just three short months away from officially being a teenager. Lately I’ve really been asking myself where the time has gone? I just can’t believe my baby is almost a teenager.

Josh was born 5 weeks early and he started out his life on a breathing machine. We spent two weeks in Denver at Presbyterian St Luke’s hospital. Those people over there were just awesome. They took good care of Josh and us too. Once he overcame the problem of immature lungs, he was off and running. He spent the first 6 weeks of his life in preemie clothes, but that was the end of that. He would be taller than his older brother at all checks. One I remember specifically is the three year check up. Chris was 3 ft tall at that visit while Josh came in at 3 ft 1 1/2 in. If the doctors are correct, Josh will be 6 ft 3 in.

Back to present time, Josh is a happy and tall 7th grader. He enjoys playing basketball and doing track. He struggles with school, but things changed when he went into junior high in 6th grade. I don’t know if it had to do with the IEP we did with all of his teachers or if it’s a maturity thing. Nonetheless, he’s improving and that’s what counts the most.

Josh is an awesome kid and I’m so happy to call him mine. He’s pleasant and caring and those are wonderful traits. I love you Josh!

Preparing for a Camping Trip

A camping trip can be so fun and exciting, but if you forget something it can be a bad thing, especially if you forget something that is vital for the trip such as medicine, a pan to cook in, or food. Depending on what is forgotten you may have to make a trip to the store or worse back home. Being prepared is a better thing as it gives you more time camping and less time worrying about things. Here are some suggestions that might help you to remember everything you need.

1. To-do List

The best thing to do when you decide to go camping is to create a to-do list. You’ll want to create it early so you can add things as you remember them. A to-do list will be your best friend when it comes to the preparation of your camping trip.

When you create your to-do list it will help you to remember everything you need to do and bring for your trip. Included in this list should be the food you’ll want to bring, the sleeping items like blankets, pillows, tent, etc that you’ll need, personal items like medicine, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, and soap, and you’ll need to bring propane or gasoline.

2. Purchase ahead of time

Waiting until the last minute to do your grocery shopping and make your other purchases will only cause problems in the long run. You’ll be pressed for time and you could potentially forget something. This could cause you to have to make a change in your meals or something else or you’ll have to go back and possibly cause you to pay more if you go to a closer store with higher prices. Making your purchases several days ahead of time will prevent this from happening because you’ll have more time to shop and if you do forget something you can go back again.

3. Pack early

When you pack early you have time to think about what you’ll need and to make sure you don’t forget anything. It will also give you time to prepare your camp trailer or the area where you have your camping gear. This will help you to remember the important things you’ll need to bring like batteries, dish soap, toilet paper, and many other things you always need while you’re gone.

Camping is a lot of fun, but it can be frustrating or be cause for a short trip when you forget things you need to make your trip successful. When you use these three tips you’ll have a better chance of forgetting things and that will make for a better trip.

Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant business and she’s the owner of She is married and has a teenager and a tween. She loves spending time with her family. Catch up with everything she has going on when you click here to read her mommy blog.

4 Tips for Organizing Your Home so You Can Work More Efficiently

When you work more efficiently you get more done in a day and you won’t stress about things. One of the best ways to make that happen is to organize your home. There are a number of ways to make this work, but it’s important you get it done so you work your business efficiently and affectively.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider putting into action in your own home.

1. Clean your home from top to bottom making sure everything has a home and that it makes sense where you put it. Don’t put your toilet paper in the kitchen or your towels in the bedroom. It’s important to put things in your home close to the place you’ll use them at the most.

2. Create chore lists for the family. When they know what needs to be done they won’t bother you with questions about what needs to be done. One thing to consider is creating a list for each room of the home and taping it in a place where each person can see it easily. A cabinet or wall is a thought.

3. Take one day a week and clean your home thoroughly. Then do a quick pick up each day so it doesn’t take a lot of time to clean on that day you choose. Involve the entire family so you’re not the only one cleaning the house.

4. When you work a home business it’s important to have your own space. While that space is important you need to keep it organized and personal home items free. Don’t store the kids’ toys in your office, but at the same time it’s important to keep your business items in your office and not in another part of the house.

An organized home makes for an efficient family. It’s like a well oiled piece of machinery, it works smoothly and efficiently and the same goes for your home. When it’s organized and in order you won’t have problems knowing what to do and how to do it. You won’t have to worry or stress when you spend all day cleaning only to find out you forgot something.

Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant business and she’s the owner of She is married and has a teenager and a tween. She loves spending time with her family. Catch up with everything she has going on when you click here to read her mommy blog.

Another Camping Trip

We went camping at the lake this last weekend and I’ll tell you, we had a blast. It was nice weather and we had a great time with the boys and Kevin’s brother’s family.

We went out Friday night and came back on Sunday. The majority of the time was spent talking and fishing. On Sunday we spent most of the day on a boat and needless to say it was a lot of fun. We spent the morning fishing and then the afternoon we went to the canyon and around the water looking around and enjoying the water.

Fishing this time was a lot better then it was when we went over Father’s Day. Chris caught three fish, Josh caught two fish, Kevin caught two fish, and I caught one fish. Here is the information on each of them.


13 ounces and 1 foot
8 ounces and 11 inches
1 pound and 13 inches


1 pound 4 ounces and 14 ½ inches
13 ounces and 13 inches


1 pound 6 ounces and 16 ½ inches
1 pound 5 ounces and 15 inches


1 pound 4 ounces and 14 ½ inches

Needless to say the fish we caught this time were pretty good in size. Several of them put up a huge fight and that was wonderful. We had a great time bringing them in and the smiles were wonderful.

This weekend we’re going to the mountain for some relaxing time. It will be nice to be in the cooler air and not spend the time watching a fishing pole. LOL

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