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Coupons for the Troops

There is a program that involves coupons and the Troops. This program ships coupons to troops overseas. The Commissaries overseas allow the troops to use them for up to six months after they’ve expired. What better way to help the troops make ends meet each week?

I’ve been couponing for two months now so several of my coupons expired before I could use them. You see after the first couple of weeks I decided to cut and save all coupons. I thought maybe I could share them with others and maybe they would share with me as well. Needless to say it took me just a bit longer than I thought to create a couponing group.

So in the mean time I have coupons that have expired, so I had to figure out what to do with them. That’s when I remembered reading about a program called Coups for Troops. So we decided to go through everything we had and when we were done we put them in an envelope and mailed them to the troops.

What an awesome feeling and a great way to help the troops overseas. We’re happy we did it and will definitely do it again when the time comes and we have multiple coupons to send.

Thank you for creating this wonderful opportunity and for helping us to help them. If you’re interested in sending coupons to the troops, click here for more information.

Bug Check

We came up to the mountain last night to do some camping. It’s perfect up here this time of year. Usually it’s between 15 and 20 degrees cooler on the mountain so it’s a great way to escape the heat during the summer.

We were sitting around the camp fire laughing and having a good time when a bug came along and freaked us out. He was huge and made a strange sound. After he came to visit each one of us we decided to put the fire out and go inside the camp trailer. LOL

Once we got inside we found a huge black bug on the floor in the trailer so one of our son’s came to the rescue and got him out. He loves bugs so it was all good to him. Hehehe

So once we got him out things were good. We stayed up for a bit and then decided to go to bed. Kevin and I were in bed waiting on the boys to finish up. All the lights were off except for the one in their area. The next thing we know one of the boys jumps out of bed and starts jumping up and down making strange sounds. Needless to say it was funny and we were all laughing.

What ended up happening was a bug decided to come into bed with him. So once again the bug was removed and all was well. Well not until three bug checks were done. Sleeping bag, bed, blanket, pillow, everything had to be checked.

It’s the funny things we have happen that make camping trips like this fun and memorable. More than likely it will be a long time before we forget the bug check story and that camping trip. LOL

Tips for Allowance Discussions

Discussing allowance can be hard if you’re not prepared when it comes to talking with your children. There are a number of things you need to know and have in mind when it comes time to have this talk. Here are some tips for you to use when the time comes.

The first thing you need to do is decide what chores your children will do and you need to make this decision based on their age and ability. You don’t want to give them chores that are too hard for them and if you have younger children you don’t want to give your older children chores that are too easy, but just perfect for the younger ones. So it’s important to make this decision ahead of time.

The next thing to do is decide how much you will pay your children for the chores they will do. You can pay them per chore or per week, but it’s important that they know how they will be paid. It’s also important for them to know what happens if they don’t do the chores. While this is hard to enforce, you must do it so they know you are series. It’s also a good way for them to know what happens in the real world when they get a job.

Once these two decisions have been made you need to decide how you will keep track of the chores and how you will assign them if they will be different from day to day or month to month. There are a couple of ways to do this, but not all of them may work. So you need to look into them and decide what you will use.

1. Chore list
2. Paper on the fridge
3. Whiteboard
4. Memory

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages so you need to consider those before making a decision. The whiteboard and possibly the chore list will cost you money so you definitely want to think about those before you make the purchase. The paper on the fridge and memory don’t cost anything so you’re not out anything if they don’t work.

Paying allowance can be hard if you don’t regularly go to the bank or have cash on hand, so it’s important to make sure you find a way to get the money and pay them regularly. They will become discouraged and not want to do the chores if you don’t pay them like you decided. You may want to consider paying them when you get paid or get the money at the beginning of the month and then pay them each week.

Once the allowance discussions have been done it’s time to put everything into action. Make sure everyone knows when the chores must be done, what happens if they aren’t, and when payment will be made. It’s important to do chores and when you enforce it each day or week your children will become responsible adults from it.

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Tell me Thursday: July 28

Yesterday I posted a picture of a Denver Bronco suncatcher. You’ll see a picture of the suncatcher on the counter and then one in the window. This is a beautiful design and will be perfect for any Denver Bronco collection.

This item is listed on eBay for a great price with low shipping. The auction ends Wednesday, August 3rd so you won’t want to miss it. Hurry and place your bid here before someone else snags it up.

This item will make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift so make sure you click here to place your bid.

Just in case you missed it, here it is the picture again.

Wordless Wednesday: July 27

Tips for Saving Money Through Couponing

There has been a ton of talk in the past few months regarding saving money. With the economy the way it is and people that are still without work or they’ve had to take a cut in pay to continue to have a job, there is a bigger need then ever to save money.

One of the best and easiest ways to save money is to use coupons when you make your purchases. There are coupons for all sorts of food and health and beauty items along with baby and pet items. You can also get coupons for restaurants and many other places. There are also a number of ways to get those coupons.

The first way to get coupons is to cut them from the Sunday newspaper. Now you can purchase the paper yourself or you can ask for the coupons from people you know like your neighbors or friends and family. The best thing to do is think about the options you have and ask around so you get the coupons you need and want.

Another way is to print coupons online. One of the best places to go online for them is This site gives you a one stop shop when it comes to ways to print them. They have some of the most popular sites like RedPlum and SmartSource. Another way to get coupons online is to go to the specific website for the products you want. For example you could go to Dove or Dole to print coupons if they have them available.

The other option is to purchase coupons. Now there are several ways to go about doing these purchases. You can bid on coupon auctions online at or you can go to Coupon Clippers and purchase the coupons you want. This option is good if you don’t have time to search online and clip them yourself.

One last thing you need to do when you’re trying to save money at the grocery store is to look at the ads from other stores like Albertsons and Safeway. Write down the products you need and include the size and dollar amount. When you go to the store if you find the product you need is cheaper at another store, ask for that price. It’s a good idea to ask in advance if the store will meet the other stores price. It’s also a good idea to either make note of the price the product was or the savings between the current price and the price you got it for with the price match.

When you sit down to decide how much money you saved you need to add up all the coupons and the price match differences. When you add all of those amounts up you’ll find the total amount of money you saved. The amount of money you save will surprise you when you put a little bit of time into each week.

Whether you need to save money so you can continue to be a work at home mom or if you want to go out of town for a family vacation but need help making it happen couponing is definitely something to consider. You’ll find the difference could be amazing.

Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant business and she’s the owner of She enjoys working her business, but she loves spending time with her husband and very athletic boys. She’s working hard to save money to help her family with their financial needs. See what they are up to when you click here to visit her mommy blog.

Menu Monday: July 25

It’s Monday again and I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My cousin got married over the weekend and his wedding was so cute and typical of both of them. LOL

Here is what’s on our menu for the week.

Monday – Nacho’s
Tuesday – Chef Salad
Wednesday – Homemade pizza’s
Thursday – BBQ hamburgers
Friday – French Dips
Saturday – Dorito Casserole
Sunday – Turkey biscuits

As you may know my family doesn’t do well in the heat so I must come up with meals that are not only cool, but that don’t require using the oven too much. While that’s not entirely possible, I do what I can to make it happen. I also look at the weather to decide which days to have those that do require the oven. When you’re in the middle of summer cooler days are hard to come by, but I do my best to make it happen.

Here’s to a great week; one that’s productive and that goes quickly so the weekend comes upon us again.

Congratulations Eric and Ashley Parmely

Yesterday my cousin Eric got married to his wonderful fiancé Ashley. Now I need to give you a little background information before you have an understanding of why the wedding was the way it was.

Eric and Ashley are very goofy and they love to laugh and smile. If you look through their pictures you’ll see pictures of them either smiling or making goofy faces. It’s also important to know that Ashley loves horses, her dogs, and her cats. Eric loves motorcycles and has been riding and competing since he was a little boy.

The bridesmaids had lime green dresses on and the groomsmen were black pants, black shirts, blue vests, and black Converse shoes with lime green shoe laces. Eric had black pants, a black shirt, a lime green vest, and black Converse shoes with blue shoe laces.

Ok so the wedding started out in an unusual way, but like I said before if you know them, there is nothing unusual about it. The wedding started a little late, but tell me what wedding doesn’t? So the pastor walks up to the front, then looked around, and put his hand in the air. The next thing you know you hear a loud motorcycle and then the pastor walked over to a tree near the house and then turned around and walked back.

My thoughts were, oh no this isn’t good. You see we were in the country so to speak so I thought for sure that’s what we were going to listen to for a while. I should have known better. Just seconds after that terrible thought came through my head the motorcycle sound gets louder and is next to us. It was Eric arriving at the wedding. He did a wheelie part way up and came around the tree and parked it on the stand by the tree. What an awesome entrance for a motorcycle lover. Yay Eric!

Ok so then all the bridesmaids and groomsmen come down the isle. Each of the groomsmen either hugging or shaking hands with Eric. Now next you would expect a ring bearer and a flower girl and that’s what you received so to speak. Those two positions were held by Ashley’s dogs. They looked lovely. The ring bearer dog had a little imitation suite around his neck and the flower dog had a veil on her head. It was just wonderful and again soooo Ashley. ?

Of course, Ashley was next to come and she looked just as beautiful as could be. Her shoes were not what you would expect to see on a bride. She was wearing black Converse shoes with glitter on them. How appropriate for a girl that doesn’t care to wear heels.

Once the beautiful ceremony was over and Ashley and Eric walked down the isle as a married couple and each bridesmaid and groomsmen skipped down the isle. Now traditionally the bride and groom would go for a car ride, but that’s not what happened. Eric and Ashley were loaded into a buggy and two of the groomsmen walked them down the street for a little ride. When they got back they changed drivers and had one of her miniature horses pull them the rest of the way in. We were all standing along the driveway and blew bubbles when they came down.

This wedding was an unusual one, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know it will be one that Eric and Ashley will never forget. Sometimes we forget that a wedding needs and should be what you want and not what others want. It’s important to put your own touches into it and make it one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you make your wedding what someone else wants, you won’t have fun and will likely forget what happened. Don’t let that happen.

Eric and Ashley… you guys are perfect for each other. I’m so happy for both of you.

What People Say Feels Good

We were at Walmart last night. I found a number of coupons that would get us some stuff for either free or very low in cost. But, that’s not what this post is all about. While we were there we had a few people behind us watching what we were doing.

We had some things that we had to pay full price for, but then we had a number of things we price matched and that’s what surprised those people behind us. She’s listening to the prices I’m throwing out and then the lady says the total amount of the bill, then my coupons come up and that made it even better.

When it was all said and done the woman stepped up to me and said, you need to come shopping with me because I pay way to much compared to you. I’ll tell you what, that comment right there made me feel awesome. It’s funny, but it’s the little things that mean the most.

I really thought she was going to be frustrated because it takes a little bit of time to do price matching. There are like three extra keystrokes involved in each and every item and that takes time. Some people will hit the quantity button when you have multiple items that are the same and that will save time, but then you have the others that won’t and when you have a lot that can take a lot of time. So this woman telling me I need to come shopping with her made my night. LOL

After last weeks savings I’m not so sure I’ll be able to go over that, but you know what? I sure am going to give it a try. My dream is to spend a very small amount of money but still get a lot of food and other items. That’s a big dream, but I think I can make it happen because each time I do it I learn more and that’s just what I need and want.

So we’ll see how next week goes when we do shopping again. I’m attending a couponing class Tuesday night and I’m hoping I’ll learn even more from this class. The more I can learn the more I can save and that’s exactly what it’s all about. :)

Our Friend the Squirrel

While we were camping last weekend we ran into a squirrel that was unique. We saw him at least once almost every day while we were there. In fact it was beautiful as far as squirrels go. LOL What made this squirrel unique was his tail. You see the tip of it was white. It was almost as if someone had tied a small cotton ball to the tip of it.

You could see him coming from a distance because that tail stood out. He didn’t blend in with the ground or the trees because of it. He would go up and down the trees and he’d run around the ground almost as if he was playing. It was almost as if he was playing a game. He was entertaining to watch.

To entertain us he would run back and forth through the area. He would run around the trees, he’d go part way up a tree only to come back down a few seconds later. I’m not sure what the purpose was for him to do that, but it was funny to say the least. It was almost as if he didn’t have a care in the world so he was going to play and have a good time and that he did.

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