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Menu Monday – January 31

It’s Monday again and that means Menu Monday. We have several new recipes we’re trying this week so it should be really good.

Here’s our list for the week.

Monday – Homemade Pizza
Tuesday – Taco Casserole
Wednesday – Meatloaf
Thursday – Chef Salad
Friday – Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup
Saturday – BBQ Chicken
Sunday – Spaghetti

What new recipes have you tried lately? Please share them in the comments below.

Winter Wonder Slam ’11

Our boys are going to a Christian concert on Tuesday and they are very excited about it. They’re going with the youth group and they have told us the bands are really good. I’m a little nervous about it, but I’m also at ease with it since two of my cousins are going.

They are going to the Winter Wonder Slam ’11 TobyMac with Brandon Heath and House of Heroes with six other people so I’m sure they’ll have a blast. I’m excited that they are going to such a wonderful concert. I’m sure the Christian music will be wonderful and they’ll come back home with excitement and a wonderful feeling.

I hope and pray you both have a great time!

Saturday Breakfast with My Parents

Every other week Kevin, the boys, and I have breakfast with my Mom and Dad. We have such a good time when we do this. Once a month when we go we do breakfast at a restaurant and the other time we eat at their house. Usually we have waffles when we do this.

Today was our turn to go to their house for waffles. We brought the new waffle maker my Mom and Dad bought Kevin for Christmas. The waffles turned out wonderful and everyone enjoyed them.

The boys had icecream on theirs, dad had hashbrowns and eggs on his, and the rest of us had strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream. They were absolutely wonderful and Kevin did a great job with them.

Thanks Kevey! I love you!!

Family Movie Night

Have you ever had a family movie night? We do these periodically and they’re a lot of fun. Usually the boys are the ones to pick out the movies and they really enjoy that. Makes them feel special and we get to watch movies they enjoy.

We plan to have a family movie night tomorrow and we’re a looking forward to it. It should be a lot of fun and it will be nice to spend the time together as a family. We should do these more often but that can be a challenge when you’re as busy as we are all the time.

How do you schedule family nights together when your children are in sports or other extra curricular activities? Please list your suggestions in the comments below.

A Routine That Needs to Change

Routines are good for families, but what do you do when the routine you have becomes a problem in your life? That’s what we’re going through right now.

You see, every other Friday we go grocery shopping. Now that’s not the routine we need to break. LOL The problem is dinner on that Friday. We general go grocery shopping as soon as Kevin gets off work and then we catch something out after we’re done.

Since Weight Watcher’s changed their plans, we need to cut back on the carbs we take in each day. So this means it’s almost impossible to go out to eat anymore. So we need to figure out what to do to make it work for dinner on those days when we go grocery shopping.

So what are the options we have? Well we could eat before we go shopping, but that puts us getting a late start on the shopping that already takes an hour and a half to two hours to complete. Another option is to eat after we’re done, but that puts us eating late and that’s not good either. So what other option do we have? Well we could change the day we shop to Saturday and then we wouldn’t be affected any longer.

So the thinking begins. Tomorrow is the big day so we must decide before the evening arrives so we know what the plan is for the evening and the weekend. I know we can make it work no matter what route we decide to take.

Family Friendly Vacation Spots

Going on vacation is the most wonderful thing for a child. It’s fun, exciting, and it can be an adventure. To a young child, it doesn’t matter where you go as long as they get to go somewhere away from home, they’re happy.

Planning a vacation when a child is involved is a completely different experience and can be difficult if you don’t know where to look or how to go about finding information. The best thing to do is go online and search for family friendly vacation spots. This search will produce a large list of sites that have information regarding vacation spots that are perfect for families.

Once you have picked out a few places, if you have time, it’s a good idea to request information about the area if you’ve never been there before. You can do this through the chamber of commerce. Most times this information can be requested online, but a few require a phone call.

If you don’t have the time to wait for the brochures, here are a few places we’ve visited that are family friendly.

1. Mt Rushmore is a wonderful place to take the family. There is so much to do and see that it would take a week or two for you to do it all. There’s Mt Rushmore itself, Crazy Horse, numerous underground caves, trails, Harney Peak, the 1880 train, and much more. Not only will your family have a great time visiting this wonderful part of South Dakota, but they’ll also learn a lot in the process.

2. Salt Lake City Utah is another place that’s perfect for the family. This is the general area where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held and that area is fantastic. You’ll be able to see the Great Salt Lake, the area where they held the skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, and other outside events, and you’ll also be able to see the building where they did the skating events. Salt Lake City is full of interesting things to do and see and once again you’ll learn a lot along the way.

3. Yellowstone National Park is a great place to take your children. You’ll be able to camp, have camp fires, fish, look for wildlife, see Old Faithful, and view a wonderful place. Yellowstone National Park was the first national park and it’s full of history and great things to learn and see.

These are three of the thousands of places you can take your children on vacation. Each of these locations is fun and educational at the same time. They put your family in a different culture than they may have experienced before, but you won’t regret the decision.

Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant business and she is a wife and mother of two boys. She loves helping her clients with their day to day work, but most importantly she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Click here to find out what she has going on with her family.

Grocery Shopping with Your Children

Depending on how often you go grocery shopping, it’s possible you could be there for a while. Part of it depends on how organized you are and the other part depends on if you do comparison shopping and use other store ads and coupons. None the less, it’s possible you could be in the grocery store for an hour or two at any given time.

When you have children that can seem like an eternity and it’s possible after a short while, they’re going to get bored and not want to be there anymore. When this happens they get antsy and may cause you problems. Here are a few suggestions that may help you get through your grocery shopping time.

1. The best way to handle grocery shopping with your children is to find a babysitter for them. Most of the time this option will not work or you may not want to always find a sitter for your children so you’ll want to consider the other suggestions.

2. Rewarding your children if they are good is an option that may work more times than you think. You can reward them with a toy, a treat, or whatever works for you. You can change this each time or keep it the same every time you go. You’ll need to remind them each time you go that the reward is there if they behave and don’t cause problems.

3. If your children are old enough and have a cell phone, you could allow them to go to the toy department for a short amount of time while you do your shopping. While you may not be done when you require them to come back, it will keep them occupied for the time being and that may be just enough to get them through the rest of your time there without hassle.

4. Allowing your children to help you with your shopping may be better than you’ll ever think. Let them pick out the things specific to them such as breakfast and lunch meals. Also allowing them to grab things off the shelves as you go by will make them feel important.

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a terrible thing when you have children. When you plan accordingly you’ll get through it with fewer problems and you won’t dread going each time. When you use one of the four suggestions in this article grocery shopping will be a breeze and you’ll teach your children that you’re serious about their behavior.

Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant business and she is a wife and mother of two boys. She loves helping her clients with their day to day work, but most importantly she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Click here to find out what she has going on with her family.

Menu Monday – January 24

It’s Monday again and that means Menu Monday. Trying to decide what to have can be a struggle. Let me ask you a question. Do you set your menu and stick to it each week or do you have a list of meals and you choose day to day what you’re going to prepare?

Here’s our list for the week.

Monday – Chicken Fettuccine
Tuesday – Chef Salads
Wednesday – Bacon Hashbrown Bake
Thursday – Taco Casserole
Friday – Eat out (grocery shopping day)
Saturday – Loaded baked potatoes
Sunday – Homemade Pizza

How often to you repeat meals you prepare for your family? For a while we were repeating some of the meals a couple times a month. The down side to that is you become tired of the meal quickly and that’s not good.

Diet’s are Hard, but Worth It

It’s really difficult getting back on a diet after you’ve been off of it for a little while, but it can be done if you set your mind to it. This is where we’re at right now. We basically went off of the Weight Watcher’s diet right before we went to Hawaii. Needless to say that was a bad thing.

We both put weight on and that’s not what we wanted to have happen. Now we’re back on track, but it’s difficult. Working out is hard to do and seeing where we were before makes it even more difficult.

We’re including the boys in what we do and that’s been good as well. They do the workouts on the Wii and enjoy it. They also eat the same foods as us. This will help them to stay fit right along side of us, so it’s all good.

So here’s to another week, full of food that’s good for us and exercise that gives us more energy and helps us lose weight. Let’s do it!!

Teaching Your Child to Handle the Laundry

Laundry is one of those things most women hate to do, but it must be done so we can stay clothed each day. Very few people would be able to afford to purchase an outfit for every single day of the year. While laundry is not hard to do, it’s time consuming and tedious to say the least.

If you’re able to get help, it would be the best thing in the world. While it’s nearly impossible to hire a maid, you’re family can and should help you with certain tasks around the house including laundry.

This task is very easy to do so a tween or teenager should be able to remember the steps and perform this task regularly. You can have your child wash his own clothes only or you can take turns washing all of the clothes in your family. That part will be completely up to you and how you want to handle the situation.

If you have your children take turns doing the laundry, it’s a good idea to create a task list to help them through it during the beginning. You’ll need to show your children how to hang clothes on a hanger and fold clothes and put them away. The tasks list will only be needed for a short time and when your child is used to each task, the list can go away.

It’s also important you show your children the proper measurements for the amount of clothes they’re going to wash. It’s also important you show your children how to sort the clothes as you don’t want to have a red sock washed with white clothes and have everything turn pink. When you do this you’ll be protecting your clothes all the time.

If your child will be doing the entire process, it’s important to show them where to put the clothes once they’re clean and folded. You’ll need to show them dressers and closets and explain where everything goes. If you don’t want it to go that far you can have your child fold clothes or hang them up and place them on the bed. This will give the owner the ability to work a little at home.

Laundry is very important and it’s a good idea to have everyone in your family trained on this task. You never know when you may need them to take over this task for a short amount of time. If they’re ready whenever you need them, you’ll both be at easy when the time comes to get them.

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