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Happy New Year’s Eve

Today is New Year’s Eve and I’m excited about the New Year. It’s going to be full of fun and great things. We’ll be attending sports events for the boys and vacation time with the family. 2011 is going to be an awesome year!

Tell me Thursday – December 30

Yesterday I posted a picture of my oldest son Chris playing in his first home game of the basketball season. It was great to watch and I look forward to watching more. He did an awesome layup and scored on that. He also assisted in two more scores during the game. It was awesome!

Just in case you missed the picture, here it is again.

Wordless Wednesday – December 29

Helping your High School Student with Finals

High school finals are very important for a couple of reasons. They are usually worth between 20% and 50% of the final grade and depending on the grade; it’s possible to fail a class if you don’t do good. The other reason why finals are important is because colleges look at your grades and if you do poorly you could lose scholarships.

Some high schools start with 10th grade, but some start with 9th so either grade could be the first time for finals. Sometimes if the 9th grade is still in the junior high level they’ll do finals so the kids will be prepared for high school.

Preparing for high school finals can be difficult the first couple of times, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll know exactly what to do each time. Some teachers give out study guides that give you examples of everything that will be included in the test. There are teachers that take one or two days and go over everything that will be included and you have the ability to take notes so you can study that information. Another type of test you may have is an open book test. This used to mean you could use your book, but now it means you can use a book, notes, and your computer.

Children in this age range sometimes have a hard time understanding the reasons behind a final and they certainly don’t see the importance of doing good until it’s too late. You need to remind your children it’s important to study hard all semester just to be safe. If they happen to do poorly on the test and they don’t have a good grade to end the quarter it’s possible they’ll fail the class.

Cramming for the final is not good. Some say it’s easier to remember the information when you put it into your mind as fast as possible, but that’s very unlikely to happen. It’s better to study for several days or even a week or more. Most times a final exam covers all of the information studied during the semester so you can start from there and then study the correct information when the teacher provides the information.

When your children have a better understanding of final exams, why they’re important, and how to study for them they’ll likely have better grades and they’ll have an easier time studying for them each semester.

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Menu Monday – December 27

New Year’s Day is at the end of this week, so we’ll have one day this week where we won’t eat at home. We go to my grandma’s house to celebrate her birthday and we usually have brisket. This is a fun day for all of us and grandma loves having her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren all in the same place.

Monday – Baked Spaghetti
Tuesday – Angel Hair Pasta w/chicken
Wednesday – Home made pizza
Thursday – Chicken and Cheesy potatoes
Friday – Beef Mac & cheese
Saturday – New Year’s Day dinner
Sunday – Loaded Baked Potatoes

Will you be trying any new recipes in the New Year? I’m hoping to as my family sometimes becomes tired of the meals we have when we have them multiple times in a short amount of time. Please share your favorites and new recipes in the comments.

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope it’s full of great and achievable goals that will help you reach success no matter what. I’m looking forward to the New Year and I hope you are as well.

How to Eat Right when You have Children in Sports

When you have children in sports, you are constantly on the go. You hardly have any time for much else because you’re always running from one practice or game to the next. There are a few things you can do to help with meals during these busy times of the year.

1. Going out to eat is one way, but it’s not healthy for your family and it usually costs more in the long run. While this is the most convenient thing to do, it’s not the best. So this option should be avoided if it’s at all possible.

2. Crockpot meals are one of the best things to do. You can plan to have them ready when you’re done with your running. There are so many, cookbook as well as boxed and sacked crockpot meals that only require a few ingredients. Most of these meals take 8-10 hours on low and 4-5 hours on high so they can be started in the morning before you leave for work or at lunch time so they’re done when your events are over or before they start.

3. Quick meals are another option. These would include tacos, hamburgers, and breakfast. There are so many more options out there that you may be amazed at the number of meals that take less than 15 minutes to prepare and cook.

4. Freezer cooking is another option to consider. When you do this option, you take a day or weekend and all you do is cook. Then you put everything in containers and place it in the freezer. You pull it in the morning and it’s defrosted and ready to go when you get home. It takes less time to warm up something then it does to cook it from scratch.

Even though all the running you do for your children while they are playing sports is what you enjoy doing, eating right is something you may not think about. When you plan ahead and use one or more of the options above, your meals will be better and easier to do each day.

While all four of these options are good, each one may have a problem that could arise, so you’ll need to take that into consideration when you plan for the meals. The worst thing you can do is continually go out or have food that’s not good for you. You’ll ultimately pay for it in the long wrong and that’s not what you want to do.

Corrie Petersen is a Work at Home Mom who is married and has two boys that are very athletic. She loves to help others in her business, but more importantly she loves traveling to her boys’ sporting events to be the biggest cheerleader they have. Click here to read what she’s up to with her family on her mommy blog.

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve! 1 More Day to Go!

It’s Christmas Eve and the excitement is in the air. Well I must say it’s been here for several days, but each day that goes by brings us that much closer to Christmas and needless to say, the boy’s are so excited.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are very busy around our house. On Christmas Eve we start out at my aunt’s house for dinner, then we go to my parents for a few presents, and then we go to Kevin’s mom’s house to visit. This year we’re making the strawberry sauce for the ham so we’re going to his Dad’s house to make that in between my parents and Kevin’s mom’s house.

Christmas Day is even busier. We’ll open presents at home, then go to Kevin’s mom’s, then my grandma’s, then my parents, then to Kevin’s dad’s, then home for a bit, then back to my parents for dinner, and then to Kevin’s mom again. Needless to say it’s a very busy day for us!

Family is important to us and that’s why we go to all of these different places. We love to visit with others and be around the ones we love.

Tell me Thursday – December 23

Yesterday I posted a picture of an ornament on our tree. I was working at Kevin’s desk and turned around to look at the dog behind me and caught a glimpse of the nutcracker. Looking at it again it reminding me of a child in trouble and standing in the corner. So yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday picture will always be known as the “nutcracker in trouble”. LOL

Just in case you missed it, the picture is below. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wordless Wednesday – December 22

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