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Heavenfest 2009


Our 13 year old son became a part of the Youth Group for teens this year. He struggled with it at first and didn’t know if he wanted to go so he stayed downstairs with us all the time. A few months ago my cousins Jessi and Kellie were asked to be the youth leaders. This changed everything for Chris. He decided he would give it a try. He loves going and looks forward to it each and every Wednesday night.

This weekend (August 8th) the Youth Group took a trip to Brighton CO for Heavenfest. This event is for Christians from all over. There were 80+ artists on 8 stages, in 8 areas. Chris had a blast, he enjoyed the trip, he learned that God is awesome, and he even won a t-shirt and had a pro skater sign it.
They are on their way back now so I don’t have pictures yet, but I will share them soon. I will also have him tell me more about what he learned, what he saw, and what he liked about it.
Stay tuned… more to come soon!
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