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Tell me Thursday – 5/7/09

new-truck-plateThis is a picture of our new license plates. As all of you know I have two boys. So my husband and I decided to get personalized plates for our truck. As you can tell from this picture our plates read 2 boys. We had to make a trip to Cheyenne to get the plates, but it was so fun and I couldn’t wait to get home and put them on.

I just love my boys and this is one more way for everyone to know!

Wordless Wednesday – 5/6/09


The hardest thing to do

There are some things in life that just aren’t fair. Choices we have to make, decisions that have to be made, and things we have to deal with in life. You get this whether you are a parent, a daughter, a sister, or a grand daughter.

My aunt called a family meeting to discuss the future of my grandmother tonight. I will tell you my heart sank to the floor when this happened. It brought back all the terrible feelings I had when the hospital called a family meeting just hours before my grandpa passed away. Of course, I knew this was not the situation with my grandma, but it still brought back those memories.

My grandma was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I think that is one of the worst diseases to have and one of the worst diseases for a family to have to deal with. It’s so sad when you walk into a room and your grandmother, who has known you all your life, doesn’t know who you are. It’s hard to deal with it when she is so mean and doesn’t remember any of it. She doesn’t remember the harsh words she used or the way she treated you.

This is the case with my grandma. She is in her 70’s and she is going through this. My grandma used to knit and crochet all the time. We used to tease her because she could do it in her sleep. She’d be sitting in her chair watching her soap opera’s, knitting and the next thing you know, she’s sleeping and still knitting. LOL Grandma would make the most beautiful sweaters, blankets, and pot holders. Every time she would leave the house she always had a sack that contained her yard, her knitting needles or crochet hooks, and whatever it was she was working on at the time. It didn’t matter if she came over for a birthday party or a BBQ, she had her sack with her. Grandma doesn’t knit or crochet much anymore and when she does just about the only thing she does is dish rags.

During our family meeting tonight we discussed grandma’s fate. It was the hardest thing I’ve been involved in. Dealing with my husband’s great grandmother having Alzheimer’s 10 years ago wasn’t nearly as bad because I was not apart of her care. Dealing with my grandpa’s illness and my grandma having a brain tumor and dealing with her illness was hard because I was right in the middle of it. Giving up an hour a day three days a week and 4 hours on Monday nights was hard, but I did it.

We haven’t made any official decisions as of yet, but I know for sure the next three weeks are going to be a struggle for the entire family. Getting grandma to get out of bed and into her chair in the morning will be a challenge since she is over 250 pounds and is having issues with her right knee. The other problem will be getting her to bed at night. She is used to her routine and is not will to change it for anything.

It’s so sad to see this happen. I just pray that my grandpa, my dad, his sisters and brother, my mom, my sister, my cousin, and I will be up to the huge challenge that we face in the coming weeks. Putting my grandma in a nursing home is not something we want to do, but I’m not sure my dad and his family are ready to deal with all the care that we are look at doing. I pray that my family will be able to stand up to my grandma and make her do what she needs to do and I also pray that we are strong willed and will be able to do what needs to be done.

Grandma I love you and I hope you understand that we are doing this because we love you and we want to help you so you can live the rest of your days in your home, sitting in your chair, watching your soaps and crocheting your dish rags!

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