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These were sold out! Ugh

My oldest wanted one of these and they were all sold out when we made it to the store. I was so bummed until I found them on Amazon. Your kids will just love it!

Great Christmas gift!

My boy’s watched this movie the other day and just loved it. It will make the perfect Christmas gift for kids and adults. Get your copy today!

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WAHM-Articles Christmas book

Saving Christmas: Magical Tips for Creating Lasting Christmas Memories is a compilation of over 25 personalized stories and articles that can help you and your family “save Christmas” this year.

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What does “Saving Christmas” mean?

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Wouldn’t you agree, that’s the kind of holiday you’d like to create for your family this year?

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Our pumpkins

We were at Walmart in early October and found a kit that contained plastic pieces that you push into a pumpkin. There were eyes, noses, eyebrows, hair, and so much more.

Here is Chris’ pumpkin. It’s kind of creepy looking. LOL

Here is Josh’s pumpkin. Isn’t he cute? LOL

One last picture is one of the two pumpkin’s together.

Needless to say going this route made them last longer and there was NO mess to clean up. WooHoo!

Halloween was so much fun!

Halloween was fun this year. My youngest was a clown and my oldest was a wrestler.

Here is a picture of Josh in his costume. Josh had paint on his face that didn’t want to come off that night. Chris tried and tried to get it come off, but it wasn’t moving. Josh had red paint on his nose and mouth. It was cute!

Here is a picture of Chris in his costume. Chris was CM Punk. He had the shirt and the taped up wrists with the X’s on each one. He also had the Pepsi tattoo on his arm. He made a very good wrestler.

So, now the question is…what will they be next year?

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited about my new blog. I’ve been using my blog at for all my fun stuff like Wordless Wednesday, holiday pictures, etc. I’ve been thinking that is not the right thing for that blog, so I created a Mommy Blog.

I hope you like what I publish here. I’d love to read your comments as well.

So I hope you will peek into my life as a sports mom and see what is going on in my life.


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