Dairy Free Meatloaf Recipe

Cooking in our house isn’t always easy to do. We have foods we don’t like as a family, which makes it easier to some degree. Then you throw an allergy or what we thought was an allergy into the mix and that makes it even more difficult. When you’re afraid to change things up or try too many new things it makes it hard to not go the easy route and make the same old meals each week.

We recently thought Kevin was allergic to dairy and so we spent almost two weeks eating foods that didn’t contain dairy of any kind. That’s not as easy as you may think. I discovered last week that dairy is used in some processed foods like French fries and hashbrowns. I also discovered white bread contains milk as well. When you have a dairy allergy you must be very careful and read every box or container before you use it. You also have to be careful with cross contamination which some people don’t think about. I know I sure didn’t.

During our almost two week trial of dairy free foods I found a meal we will have again, even though Kevin’s problem is not dairy related. The meal was originally designed for a slow cooker, but we don’t like it because we find it makes it a little dry. So we changed it to the oven and that made it much better, but the dairy free recipe is even better yet. Below you’ll find the original recipe and the dairy free recipe.

Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook

2 lbs ground beef
½ cup chopped green peppers
½ cup chopped onions
½ tsp salt
1 cup cracker crumbs
1 egg
7/8 oz envelope brown gravy mix
1 cup milk
4-6 small potatoes, cut up – optional

1. Combine all ingredients except potatoes in a large bowl. Shape into loaf. Place in slow cooker.
2. Place potatoes alongside meatloaf.
3. Cover. Cook on low 8-10 hours or high 4-5 hours

Dairy Free and Healthy Recipe

2 lbs ground turkey
½ cup chopped onions
½ tsp salt
1 cup dried oatmeal
1 egg
7/8 oz envelope turkey gravy mix
1 cup water
8 small red potatoes – optional

1. Combine all ingredients except potatoes in a large bowl. Shape into loaf. Place in a meatloaf or loaf pan sprayed with olive oil.
2. Place in over preheated to 400 degrees for 90 minutes.
3. Place red potatoes in a large pan filled with water. Cook until a fork goes in easily. Approximately 60-90 minutes.

Our recipe was wonderful and much healthier for you. We have enjoyed the top recipe cooked in the oven for a little over a year now, but the bottom recipe will certainly be the one we’ll use going forward. It’s nice to know even though I’m scared to change things up on recipes, this one worked out for the best. Maybe I’ll try it again with another recipe. LOL

Is There a “Right Way” to Get Healthy?

Fitness is on the minds of a lot of people these days. They’re realizing their health is very important and the way they look is next in line, so working out is a must. The thing they struggle with the most when it comes to fitness is the right way to do it.

There are so many things out there that say you should do it this way or that way and so many more telling them food is a part of it as well. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve asked a lot of people what their thoughts are and I’ve come to one conclusion. That conclusion is nobody really knows the right answer and maybe that’s because there isn’t one. Maybe it depends on your needs, desires, or wants. Maybe it depends on what you’re looking to do or how fast you want it to happen. I’m not sure what the answer is either, but I know the most important thing to do is to exercise.

Some people say you need to exercise 20 minutes every single day while others say you need to exercise for one hour three to five days a week. Some say you need to do a hard workout three days a week and you’ll do fine while others say it’s the simple art of walking every day that’ll get you where you need to go. Again it’s one of those things that’s hard to say who is right, but I’ve come to the conclusion that only you will know what will work for your needs.

You may find working out 20 minutes every day isn’t enough to get you going good enough to lose the weight or you may find taking an exercise class at the gym three days a week for 45 minutes each time is just what you need. The only sure fire way to find out is to try both and see which one works.

Of course you need to remember you must do it for longer than a week to see the results. You’ll want to try it for a month or two before you change and try something else. The reason is because you may have a good week one week and a bad one the next, but that doesn’t mean it did or didn’t work. Giving it a month will help you make the right choice.

The important thing to remember is to try a few things before you decide on the thing that works the best. You never know what the results will be if you don’t give a few things a try. You may find you’re losing weight and inches going one route, but you may lose even more if you go another route. So don’t be afraid to try different things before coming to rest with the final decision.

Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant business and she’s the owner of WAHM-Articles.com. She is married and has two teenagers and she loves spending time with her family. Catch up with everything she has going on when you click here to read her mommy blog.

The History of a Wedding

Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. It’s a very fun and exciting time with the plans you’ll make for the ceremony, picking out the rings, and ordering the cake are just a few of the tasks you’ll go through when you plan the special day you’ve dreamed of for a long time.

Do you know the history behind a wedding? The history of a wedding is interesting and fun to learn about. Read on to learn about gift giving, wedding types, and more.

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Weigh in Day September 19th

Today is weigh in day and needless to say it was an awesome day!! For the most part, each day since our last weigh in has been a great feeling. I’ve felt really good after each workout and I’ve felt skinnier each day as well. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true which I think helps a lot.

Kevin and I joined the gym the end of June and I first weigh in day was on June 25th. I’m happy to announce I’m down 10 ½ pounds, 3 ½ inches off my hips, and 6 inches off my stomach. Yay!!

Now at first I was upset about those numbers. I really thought changing my diet and working out 4-5 times a week for nearly an hour each time would take the weight off a lot faster. I see people that do the Ideal Protein diet and many others that drop the weight really fast, but what you may not know is that’s not healthy first off and second if you look back at those people, a large number of them put the weight right back on again.

I’m not following any diet right now, I just changed the way I eat and with the numbers I have this month, I would say it’s working. I still eat real, homemade food, I still go out occasionally, and I still have dessert every once in a while. What I don’t do is overeat. I don’t count calories, but I portion eat and that’s huge. I have also increased the amount of protein I take in which I think has helped as well.

With all of that said, I’m thrilled with my numbers today and I look forward to next week’s weigh in to see how much more I’ve dropped.

Spinning Class Explained

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, tone your body, or maintain your weight, exercising is important. There are so many options when it comes to exercising, but the question is… what will work for me?

I work out at the gym 4-5 days a week and I take class so I make sure I’m getting a good work out when I go. I have basically four classes I do each week and I love them all. I couldn’t say which one is my favorite because each one challenges me in a different way.

The first one I do in the week is spinning. Now I’ll tell you when I first thought about a spinning class I didn’t think it had to do with a stationary bike. I thought it was some sort of dance move. ROFL Needless to say, that was far from the truth.

A spinning class is all about riding a stationary bike. This class will work all areas of your body, but definitely your legs and glutes. Our trainer in this class rides her bicycle all the time which makes it great for us. She notes the areas she travels and then we travel those with her during the class. She notes the flat areas and the hills and we do those with the resistance.

You have more resistance for the hills and less for the flat areas. We ride standing up and sitting down and we also work the upper body by doing pushups on the bike while pedaling. It takes the boring part out of riding and it makes it interesting. You definitely have a hard workout completed when you’re done with her 45 minute class.

If you haven’t done a spinning class, but have thought about it, you should really consider it. You’ll be exhausted after the first, but the feeling will be great and over time you’ll begin to see the difference in your muscles and the way you look in the mirror. I know I do and I’m liking what I see.

A Simple Tip for Protecting your Family

When you have a family it’s important to protect them no matter what. That’s hard to do at times, but when you’re prepared ahead of time, that protection is still there.

My boys and my husband are my life and I do everything for them, no matter what it’s all for them. I protect them in any way possible which is important to me.

One very important way to protect them is to have insurance. That way they are protected for both health and otherwise. We have medical and dental insurance and we have life insurance. All of which are very important to have and they’re something I highly recommend.

Medical and dental insurance are often times offered through employers, but life insurance is different. If you’re looking to get quotes on 20 year term life insurance policies, you have to check out this site I found. Life insurance will help your loved ones and that will be priceless to them.

Make sure you protect your family just like I have and you’ll feel good no matter.

Are you Struggling to make Ends Meet?

The economy isn’t very good right now and that’s not good for families. Many families are struggling to pay their bills each month which makes it hard on the family. Some parents even have to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. When you’re struggling like this you may not be able to afford a mortgage or what people want to charge for apartments or house rentals. If you find yourself in this situation it can be devastating and frustrating.

Some cities are more expensive than others which makes it worse, but moving isn’t an option either because it takes money to move and if you don’t have it, you can’t make it happen. Whether you know it or not there are programs out there ready to help those in need. There is state assistance you can get to help with food and medical and while that’s good it’s not going to help with a place to live.

One option you need to consider is low income housing. Every state offers these types of programs and their available to those that qualify. You don’t have to be unemployed and you can be on the program for as long as you need so you can get back on your feet.

When you feel better about your living situation, you’ll be able to get on with your life and you won’t worry from day to day about these things. You’ll be able to go to work knowing everything is going to work out and you’ll be able to support your family.

Exercising with the Family

Over the 5+ weeks Kevin and I have been working out and we’re starting to see the results. We’ve both lost weight and inches and it’s wonderful. We see the benefits of eating better and exercising.

At first it was hard to exercise because we both lead such busy lives, but we pushed ourselves and with the help of my sister, Amy and my nephew, Caalab we learned it’s only one hour and 15 minutes out of our day and we can do it. We’ve learned that the hour it takes each day is worth it and we’re together so it’s even better.

Since we’re busy spending time with the family can be difficult, so it’s important to spend time together when we can and that’s why we plan activities together. If you find you’re in this same situation, you have to click here to read my guest post I submitted to the Losing It and Loving It blog written by Angie Newton.

Guest Post – Benefits of Consistent Exercise

About two months ago, I was trying to decide on what I would do at the gym on Monday nights. The class I normally take is not offered on Monday and I wanted to be at the gym five days a week. There was a spinning class that was offered right after work that fit my schedule perfectly. I hate trying something new without a little moral support, so I talked to my cousin Kelli and she said she would go with me. I have gone almost every week since, and I love it. Since then, I have recruited three other family members.

As I said, this spinning class brought me up to five days a week at the gym. When I tell people that I go that much, they give me looks like they think I’m crazy. In fact, some people have told me that I am crazy! Obviously, I don’t think I am. I have seen my own results from the time I spend at the gym. Pictures don’t lie! There are many benefits to exercising. Weight loss is an obvious one, but there are others. Three that first came to my mind were endurance, muscle tone and self esteem.

Think about the last flight of stairs you went up. Do you remember how heavy you were breathing after you got to the top? How many times did you have to stop before you actually reached the top? Endurance is the ability to sustain prolonged exercise. With consistent exercise, you will see that ability increase.

As I said at the beginning of this article, weight loss is an obvious benefit. After you lose weight, if you include lifting weight in your exercise routine, you will be able to see toned muscles in your abs, glutes, arms and legs. Chances are good they are there before you can see them, but once the weight is gone, there they are!!

In my opinion, endurance and muscle tone is important, but I think that Self Esteem is far more important than both of those. I personally went through a stage of really low self esteem. I was at my highest weight ever (not including pregnancy weight) and it didn’t help that my husband’s uncle told me I was fat. It took him saying that to get me in the gym consistently and because of that, I am back to my pre pregnancy weight again. Taking a before and after picture is a great way to get your self esteem back!

There are so many other benefits of exercise. Set your mind to it and just go…even when you don’t feel like it. After a while, it becomes a part of you. You will crave the gym. You will hope that the day after a good workout, you are a little (or a lot) sore, because then you know you worked hard and everything you are doing will pay off!

Amy Royce has two children and has been married since 1995. She is an affiliate marketer and a Virtual Assistant. She enjoys helping others through the programs she markets and the tasks she performs as a VA. To learn more about Amy and what she offers, visit her site by clicking here. Also visit her new Health and Fitness blog by clicking here.

How Disappointing would this be for You?

Could you imagine how you would feel if you had to tell your family you couldn’t afford to make the payments on your home and the bank was going to take it away? This would be not only disappointing, but it would also be an embarrassment. Your family relies on you to support them and be there for them, but when ends just don’t meet and you have more bills than you do pay check at the end of the month, you need to figure something out.

What’s even worse is when you’re a veteran and you’re fighting for your country and you just don’t have enough money to support your family while you are overseas. This can cause problems for your marriage and your family in general and that’s not what you need.

This would be the worst thing i could think of that could happen to a soldier and his family. I couldn’t imagine what they’d go through and how they would handle this problem. This would just be devastating if it were to happen to me, so I tried to think of the way I would handle it if it were me.

My solution would be to go to the bank and ask to refinance my home. There are times when you explain your situation to the loan officer that they’ll have compassion for you and will want to help you fix the problem. Believe me, the bank doesn’t want your home. They don’t want to have to do what they’d have to do to find a new owner. They’d prefer to help you fix the problem.

If you’re a current or retired veteran you have options to consider. There are loans out there specifically for you. SO if you need to lower your interest rate and your payment, you need to get with your bank and ask for more information about a streamline loan. When you’re able to get this loan you’ll save your home and your family from disappointment, stress, and frustration.

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